Notes: Hi, this is my first original ficcy and it's about a girl who is chosen by the prince of darkness as his mate. Although he doesn't realize and neither does she until later, that she's a fallen angel that his coniving father chose as his mate. How will they ever survive together. I don't know. Review and tell me what you think. Wether it be flames compliments or what not, just please review because I haven't decided where I am going with this yet. I know this doesn't seem to be going anywhere yet but just wait for the second chapter. And sorry, but I don't have spell check so I probably spelled a whole bunch of things wrong.

Devils Mate: Proluge





The alarm clock that had been resting atop a small table next to the occupant who it was persistently trying to rouse from sleep, was tossed across the room into the wall that was directly across from it. She could hear the thud and the crack that followed when it hit against the pale blue wall leaving another knick in the paint, and the insistint beeping came to an end.

Well, that was the third one she had broken in the last two months in a half state of sleep and not even realizing it. Her mother would be furious, and probably refuse to by her another one. Not that she cared, she didn't seem to like anything that woke her up at 7 o'clock in the morning when she could be fast asleep, wasting the day away.

Who needed school anyway?

Yes, that's me, Amy Martine in a wonderful mood the s'morning as I get up to get ready for school. The long week was almost finally over, after dragging myself through four days of torture and learning, I had only one more to go before a three day weekend presented itself.

I almost had the sudden urge to act sick and make it a four day week end, but my mother saw threw that act one to many times. Yeah, I guess you could say my mom know's me and the way I work pretty well, because if she didn't I would never do anything I didn't want to.

Although you can't blame me can you? You remember what it was like, or still is like to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, having your warm bed tempting you every second you look at it, right? Not to mention the awful and dreaded bus ride to school with yelling children and things buzzing past your head. A bus can be a very dangerious place you know.

And what about after your in school? 8 periods a day, with insesint teachers constantly trying to drill knowledge into your puny little brain. Not to mention all of your friends who after a certain ammount of time that is spent with them, you want to beat them and leave them for dead.

Yup, I felt so lucky as I pulled myself out of bed, my nice and comfy bed, pulled away to get ready for my day in hell.

I know, it sounds over draumatic, but I'm tired! You have no idea what I would trade for an extra few hours of sleep.

Opening my bedroom door I was greeted with the smell of bacon and eggs, my favorite. The one thing that ever could bring me joy in the morning is the smell of food, and lots of it.

With a nod in the direction of the kitchen down the hall where my little sister sat at the table and my mother stood by the stove I entered the bathroom which was directly across from my room.

Every morning I hopped into a quick five minute shower before I got dressed and headed out to eat with my family. Well, at least part of it, my dad is already long gone and at work by time I get up and my older sister is spending her first few weeks at a colledge far, far away.

That fact alone made me the happiest person on earth. Okay, maybe not, maybe the hot pellets of hot water that beat down on my back in the shower helped a little but that didn't take away of the fact that my sister, to put in simple terms, was miserable.

I know all older sisters are, but you didn't live with her as long as I did. Hmph, I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

I made my shower as quick as always because if I didn't get out when did, I probably would have stayed in there forever. I already had my clothes layed out by the hamper in the corner where I had left them the night before, knowing full well I wouldn't be able to match myself in the morning. Not that I cared, anyway.

I slipped on my dirty 5 sizes to big blue jeans with a boys belt to join it. Next to follow was my tight wife beater that was my all time favorite shirt. (You really didn't think I was going to describe putting on my underware did you, you perv! :)

I know, I know. You probably think I look like a street rat, and I probably do, but do think I care?

Anyway, I towel dried my short black hair and followed up with some eye liner around the eyes, mascara, and some black eye shadow. I put my favorite spiked bracelet on with a black choker that was about a centimeter thick and looked to be of black leather.

After I was done I picked up my under garments, plaid boxer shorts and the balck baggy T I wore to bed and tossed them in the hamper presuming them dirty.

With a quick look in the mirror I presumed myself presentable, not that if I didn't would I really care and walked out of the bathroom not even bothering to brush my hair.

Hey, it fell, where it fell.

I was greeted by my mother who set down a large plate with four fried eggs and four buttered toast not to mention bacon wherever there was room on the plate.

I thanked my mother, who as always looked perfect and scolded me for my dressing habits and walked away which was predictable as always.

I looked across the table at my little sister as she played with the oozing yellow/orange liquid that poured from the middle of her eggs that she had speared with her fork that was much to large for her hands.

She is almost five with an attitude to boot, although my mother always seemed to keep her in line. Not much she could say about me in that department.

Taking a quick glance at the clock I realized I only had twenty minutes left before the bus came and I started to gobble down the food in front of me. Lost in space as my mother chattered on and my little sister Emma, did only God knows what.

For some reason I just seemed to daze out today. But before I knew it I had eaten everything on my plate and I lifted myself from my seat and set my dirty dishes in the sink when my mother finally sat down herself to start on her own breakfast.

Making a quick leap over a chair I ran to room grabbing my back pack that was shoved behind my door and untouched since the day before when I had flung it there after school.

I had spent to much time eating and dazing off into god knows what and it was only a matter of minutes before my bus arrived.

I grabbed my bag just as I heard the loud honk of the big yellow buses horn as I raced out the door, not paying my family anymore attention, not like I ever did anyways.

I spotted the bus and boarded it just in time, now started the last day and then freedom for three whole days!

Although, for now I just had to worry about getting my homework done that I always neglect until the next day on the bus.

It seemed that my planning for my weekend would just ahve to wait.


School was such a drag, and that's exactly what I felt felt like when I hauled my tired ass off the bus and what seemed like an extremely long distance up the side walk to the front of my white and green sided house. Not paying any attention to the hints of bitter cold that were to come in a few short months when winter started to roll around.

Eighth grade could be so tiring, didn't anyone get that?

I guess not, because my mom with her perky attitude decided to write me a big long list of chores to do and handed them to me as soon as I walked into the door.
Why are parents so cruel?

I guess I should say why are mother so cruel, because my father didn't seem to be home yet from his job at the news paper.

He just seemed to work himself to death ever since he got the bill for Krissy's tutition at colledge. I guess it's hard putting a kid through eight years of education to be a sleezy lawer. She probably was off partying the whole time anyway, Krissy always was a sucker, and I don't want to know if it was in more ways than one, if you get my drift. That's always something you don't want to know about a family member.

Ignoring all else, I read the chores I was supposed to do as I headed to my room to throw my book bag to it's infamous spot behind the door.

Skimming over Dishes, sweeping, dusting and sorts as I peeked out to watch my mother grab my sister by the collar of her jacket while putting her own coat on and start to drag her out the door. I don't know how she managed to do more than one thing at a time.

"Hey, wait! Where are you two going?"

My mother stopped in mid step and smiled at me while my little sister's attention was pointed outside the open door to the falling October leaves that were being kicked up by a gust of wind.

"Me and Emma are heading out to the grocery store. Krissy and her new boyfriend are on their way home from Bradock and are visiting for a few days so I have to pick up some extra food."

She seemed so happy about that news as the color drained from my face, my whole entire weekend seemed to be ruined with that simple knowledge. Everything just seemed to go down the drain from there.

I would rather spend two straight weeks in school than put up with that snobby witch and the blockhead jocks she usually drug home with her.

I guess my mother seemed to sense my dismay for she gave me a stern look followed by her routine lecture about being reasonable to family, and being polite to guests.

I guess she didn't want me to pull another stunt like I did last time. Ha, not something that I will go into now, but it would make a nice story for later.

"Now, be good and do those chores on that list, because they'll be here in about an hour and a half."

She blew me a quick kiss before saying a quick goodbye and dragging my little sis out the door. I didn't reply however because I could feel the scowl pull down on my features as I damanded an explanation to no one in particular as to why she had to come home and ruin MY weekend.

Older sisters were so unfair, I muttered to myself as I gazed at the long list of things to do as I set to work. Chores were not something that I quite enjoyed.

Struggling with sweeper cords, sneezing from the dust flying around, having to bend over, not to mention all of the times I tried to fix something only to make it ten times worse.

God I wished my father was here at the moment, my mom would make him do just as many chores as me so I didn't have to do them by myself.


-End Chapter One