Universe #5 By: Anna P.

"What?" Anna never thought she would never be as shocked in her whole life "I still don't get it"

"This is universe #17, there are 10000 of them in all" Franklin, the Boy about Anna's age said again "you might want to sit down this time"

Anna sat down, she still couldn't believe it, this boy just appeared at her door right after her parents left for a party, and it was like perfect timing. Franklin paced around her room looking at all her things with great curiosity, as if he has never seen a 13-year-old girl's room before. He didn't seem to be from around here anyway, his hair was light yellow, and his eyes were sky blue, he was dressed in normal boy clothes, but you can tell he wasn't from around here. Franklin was part of the time and universe police.

"Do you want a drink or something?" Franklin asked

Anna nodded and looked down at the floor again, Franklin went to her kitchen and took 2 glasses and filled them with water and handed one to Anna.

"Ok Anna, as you know there are 100000 universes in all, this is universe #17, and I'm in charge of it. For example, I know that in #860 the United States president is Al Gore, and in #1502 September 11 attack was stopped before it happened, in universe #3 the meteor that supposedly killed the dinosaurs veered off course and hit Jupiter instead, in universe #1 there is nothing" Franklin continued.

"So what about the people?" Anna asked, she had finally found her voice.

"In the Time and Universe Police there is your other friends also, Jenny, in charge of universe #20 and so is Mary and Marcello, #45 and #46, and Chris Number #90. But they have different names, and in different universes they are different people also" he said.

"So why do you need me?" Anna asked

"listen Anna, there is one perfect universe, #5 the whole U & T police is in charge of it, it's like #17 but every thing is perfected, there is no pollution, no war, no global warming and things like that" Franklin explained "if that universe goes wrong, all the universes will collapse. In #5, you unexpectedly died, and we need to replace you.

"With me?" Said Anna, Franklin nodded seriously "but there are 100000 of me out there!!"

"Yes but in universe 5, your name is also Anna, you match personality, you would easily adapt, and if you don't who knows what will happen?" He explained

"All right I'll do it, but what about my life here?" she asked

"We will fake your death"

" Oh, how do we do that?"

"Never mind that, ok I'll meet you back here in a week, enough to say goodbye" Franklin said, and he left.

Anna was left alone, her room seemed so big now, when her parents came back she wanted to tell them but she couldn't. The next week dragged on like a weight in Anna's heart, she looked at all her friends and family and knew she would miss them. Then finally Friday came, Anna jumped as the doorbell rang.

"Hello there" said Franklin "ready?"

"I'll never be ready" sighed Anna

"Oh, it's not that bad Anna, come on we should get started, you wait here"

Anna waited in the kitchen looking around her fridge; it was full of pictures, remembering everything she could. About 5 minutes later Franklin came back.

"Come on! The police are already coming! And the whole neighborhood is out there, let's go!" He Yelled

Franklin took out a watch and started fiddling with it, Anna looked out her window and saw herself, it must have been a clone though, and it was lying on the middle of the street in front of a car. He must have staged a car accident. A sinking feeling came into Anna's chest, she looked at Franklin and saw that he was already gone, and in a mere second Anna was gone too, from #17 forever. * * * THUMP! Anna hit the floor, she twisted her ankle slightly.

"Ow!" Anna complained as she rubbed the swelling spot. She looked up to see Franklin smiling at her.

"You'll love it here, Anna" he moved out of the way, and behind him was a marvelous sky blue room, the color Anna had always wanted to paint her room. There were pictures of a girl shaking hands with the DJTA president, a violin recital, and the same girl singing with a band. Anna couldn't see clearly, she removed her glasses and could see perfectly, strange, she walked up to the pictures and saw herself, though without glasses.

"I-is that me?" she murmured

"Yes of course, and you are probably wondering why you don't need your glasses anymore, you see now that you have replaced this Anna you in a way taken some of her characteristics, like you better at tennis for one" answered Franklin

Anna took another look at the pictures, it was the band she had always wanted to start with her friends. It looked perfect.

"But Franklin, what about this Anna?" she asked as she pointed to the pictures "where is she?" "this is right after she fell down the stairs and broke her neck, we took the body away and it looks like nothing happened, oh gee look at the time, you have school, you'll love it here Anna I know you will" Franklin said.

Anna turned around to ask another question but he was already gone. She sighed and turned to her closet, she picked out some cloths and went to breakfast, and she ran down the stairs, stairs? Anna never had stairs in her house, she always wanted them though, she ran to look out the window and saw that she was in the neighborhood where all her friends were, and this was great! She hated living alone back in main camp. She looked into the kitchen, her parents left a note "Sweetie, you dad and I left for the wedding party, we'll be back around 10:00, your breakfast is on the table ~Mom" She looked at the fridge, at the photos of her mom and dad, Her mom looked quite pretty, skinner than before, and her father wasn't wearing his glasses either. Anna ate breakfast and ran out the door, she saw her friends, Chris, Jenny, Marcello and Mary all talking together, and they waved when she ran to them.

"Hey you guys" she said not knowing what else to say "am I late?"

"No, you should know by now that the bus comes at exactly 7:05" replied Jenny

Anna didn't know, but something seemed different about them, they seemed much happier than before, more talkative. The streets seemed much cleaner than before. The Bus came, she looked at the back and saw that steam was coming out instead of that icky smoke, they must have found a way to run automobiles with water. When Anna finally stepped up to school she looked around and everything has changed, it seemed for the better though. Anna wondered if she had the same schedule as before, she fiddled through her bag and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper, saw that the teachers were different. She looked around and everybody waved to her or said hi, she didn't even know half of them. She stepped into the halls before the bell to see if everything was still the same, it wasn't. All the lockers were the big ones instead of the small ones, she saw the teachers laughing and talking in the hall holding new textbooks and coffee cups. They laughed and waved to Anna as she passed by, she waved awkwardly back. She quickly looked at her list.

"Morning, Mrs. Swords" she guessed

"Good morning Anna" she smiled back

Anna gave a sigh of relief; she looked down the hall and saw another man. She looked at her list again, hoping she would get lucky.

"Hi Mr. Roomway" she said

"I'm Mr. Houston, its Anna right?, well it's ok because I don't expect you to memorize all our names on the first few days now do?" He laughed.

As the day continued she found herself answering all the questions in class instead of asking all of them. She kept on messing up everybody's names they gave her weird looks but then they thought that she was just joking. As the day ended she made her way to the Youth Center with her friends, she looked in her new wallet and found a youth center ID! Her mom would never let her in the YC before. When she came back home she, hung out with her friends for an hour after school, and did her homework in half that time. She looked out the window of her sky blue room, knowing that nothing will ever be the same again. She looked out past the perfect trees up until the perfect sunset reflected in her chocolate brown eyes. The clouds started to disappear as the sun drifted away and the moon wandered through the sky, a slight smile appeared on Anna's face as she watched the stars twinkle, knowing this was where she belonged, and nothing would change that ever again.