The necklace, I got
in ninth grade.
It got it from
Stephen, before I
even started dating Todd.
The charm on it
is Tinkerbell,
whom I hate.
She is a bitch.
But it was
very sweet of Stephen
to buy it for me.
The earrings
I have had
for years.
I first got
my ears pierced
when I was ten
or eleven years old.
I get a new
piercing each summer,
but due to
my piercings
sometimes getting infected,
I have to let them close up,
and only have three holes
in each ear.
My hat I got
at Six Flags New England
over this past summer.
It is blue denim
with a Six Flags patch
on the front.
It is a
bucket hat,
also known
as a fisherman's hat.
The ring I also
got at Six Flags.
At first I wanted
a mood ring
but I decided
this one was better,
and it cost less
Anthony gave me
the bracelet
from the ones he was wearing
the day I asked for it.
I wanted his pink one
but it had been a gift
so I got a blue one
which I like
just as well.


This was written September 6, 2002. Stephen is my boyfriend, Todd was my boyfriend before him, and Anthony is a kid from my high school whom I hang out with between classes.