Author's Notes: Why am I doing this? I got a writer's block, I'm getting a C for English, I'm getting stressed out about my grades, my social status is below zero, some of my friends don't really notice what I'm trying to hide from them (they don't have a clue about the real me) and martial art is too much for me. Hmmm.besides those I must conclude that my life is a living hell! This must be the reason why I do poetry so much, oh I don't know.

This poem is based on a story I'm thinking of working on. Does this even rhyme?

If I Should Fall

If I should fall

Will you be there for me?

Will you understand the torturing that you can't see?

Can you, would you. Catch me?

Will you guide me to the path I should take?

Will you watch over me through every footstep I should make?

If I should fall. would you even care?


As I fell from the sky, a broken angel I am.a fallen angel I am.

Would you even bother to try to mend these broken wings?

Do you know what secrets laid in me, the clandestine in which I bring?

Too late, I already fell to where I truly belong

The darkness, the pain, the blood. I pierced

Too late the powers concealed from the darkness is gone

A bloody murder I became, an innocent I was

It was powers too great

It consumed me.I break

I was a fallen angel.I was human.

A sin I made a sin that was placed

Before me on Judgment Day

The lord himself forgave me for I was innocent

The powers, the supremacy which I was birthed to

Controlled me, manipulated me

Causing me to be something beyond of what of the devil

And this a price was made

A price that I must pay

A price that I must pay.

I was the meaning of.....hell.

If I should fall once more.

Will you catch me?

Like you always would?

I'm falling so deep

Help from you is all I plea

As I fall, you can see

The anguish, which I bear

My soul, which I took care

Is gone away.

As I fell.

This is going to be a series of poems based on my story, which I'm working on, but I'm not going to post it since its one thing I consider very private. Anyways I think it's stupid but review if you want.