Sitting on the edge of the bed, she stared blankly into the darkness. Dropping her head in her
hands, her heart full of grief, she knew she had been betrayed. She knew he'd left her. Deep
down she knew it was her own fault. Tears slid silently down her cheeks as she came to the
realization that she just wasn't meant to be here like this.

Wiping the salty wetness from her face, she stood up on shaky legs, not sure what she was doing.
Walking unsteadily toward the window, her reflection playing on the smooth surface, she
couldn't smile. There wasn't anything left in her to smile about. No more laughter, no more
pain; she wouldn't let anyone near her again. Making a pact then and there, she threw open the
sliding door and stepped out onto the balcony, the wind whipping at her hair.

"I loved him," she whispered into the night air, her sad face looking out across the sky lit by the
glittering lights of the city below. Reaching out a thin hand, she wrapped her fingers around the
bar and stood there as though a million miles away. Her eyes still wet with tears, she leaned on
the bannister and looked to the pavement below.

"Such an easy way out," she whispered, her hand tightening around the metal. Her eyes once
again flitted across the lights that called out to her; begging her to come out and play. No more
would she care for the adventurous night life of the city; no more would she cave in and follow
other's rules.

"So I'm quiet..." she murmured, her dark eyes betraying her emotions all too easily. "They don't
know me," she said quietly, hoping for one second that it wasn't true. But alas, she never let
them close enough to care; close enough to feel their livelihood. "I'm so alone."

A knock at the door took her concentration away, as she slowly walked back inside, her skin cold
as ice. Opening the door slowly, a small smile crossed her lips but that soon faded, as does all
things. Glancing down to see a letter at her feet, she slowly picked it up; her mind curious about
where it came from.

Closing the door softly, she ran her nail beneath the flap, opening it slowly for fear of what she'd
find. Pulling out the slip of paper, the fine black writing almost hauntingly chilling stared back at
her. The paper fell silently to the floor, her heart pounding in her chest. She had nowhere to go.
They'd find her here most definitely, and they'd try to change her mind.

'Pity they aren't fast enough,' she thought silently, walking back toward the open window. Her
image in the mirror caught her attention. Her tear stained face looked back with red sorrowful
eyes. Was this all that she'd become? This detestable creature that loathed existence? Was there
nothing more?

Her feet padded softly across the plush carpet, her mind full of dizzying thoughts as she stood
silently observing her reflection. The longer she studied, the more amazed she became; she
longed for knowing and understanding. Her face slowly faded, twirling and spinning into a
thousand colors; each becoming one of her friends that she couldn't dare run from. They were
her sense among everything and yet where were they now?

Closing her eyes to the brutal realization that she was so desperate to avoid, she heard the door
open behind her as soft footsteps filled the room. Not daring to turn around, she knew they had
come after all. She didn't know if she wanted to be thankful or sad, given the idea that
previously filled her mind with intent.

A hand on her shoulder, light and graceful made her take note of their presence. Turning around
slowly, a pair of blue-grey eyes looked back, a soft smile lighting the face. Glancing around,
they were all there. Those who said they loved her, those who she trusted implicitly; there and
ready to lend an ear and their hearts. With open arms the welcomed her back from the point of
darkness to which she had fallen prey; the victim of a harsh reality. They would soothe her
troubled mind with their own, helping her along the way to discover just what life was all about
and how much she meant.

Though she would never truly admit it, she knew deep down they were all right. Glancing at the
window she remembered her words...'such an easy way out'. Though it might seem that way,
she knew life was never easy, and if it was... you weren't living. With a smile, she closed the
door, cutting off the freezing wind; ready to begin again.