I don't claim it will make much sense, nor is it one of my best, but this is in dedication to my
Grandfather. This was written one year, to the day, of my grandfather's death. I owe him so
much, as he is the reason I write today.

Lilly pursed her lips in concentration. She had to escape from here before it was too late.
Working as quickly and diligently as she could, she heard the lock click! Finally! she thought.

The door creaked open slowly as she timidly peered out through the darkness of the shadows.
Was he watching her? Was this just a game to him?

Lilly slowly moved from the room and down the corridor. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the
darkness surrounding her. She stayed alert so she might hear him coming, though she knew it
would do no good.

Lilly's leg ached from where he had cruelly cut her with a shard of glass. He must have thought
that it would slow her down. He was mistaken. Walking on it made it throb with a dull ache, but
she still continued onward, not wanting to go back to that.

The coldness of the corridor ate away at her and numbed her hands. Still, she moved on, picking
up her pace. She didn't look back, afraid to find him behind her. The sooner she was away, the
sooner she would feel safe.

Too late!

Lilly felt his icy breath on the back of her neck. Yet, when she turned around, nobody was there.
Somehow she knew that he was there and her heart sank into the pit of her stomach.

Lilly started to run, now that she knew that he was coming for her. She couldn't let him catch
her. She had to escape. She knew that he would kill her.

Again his icy breath touched her neck making her skin crawl, but she didn't stop. Running at her
top speed, She reached the end of the corridor. She felt the door and grabbed the knob.

Locked! Now what was she going to do?

Lilly turned around, terrified. "Why are you doing this to me?!" She screamed at her unknown

She heard his evil laughter echo off the walls unnerving her.

"Who are you?" She demanded.

Again he laughed.

Lilly felt an unseen hand grasp her shoulder and push her against the door. She knew that he
would never let her go. She knew that he would kill her first.

Struggling against his grip, Lilly again felt his breath, this time on her face. It chilled her to the

"Please." she whispered.

"You are mine now Lilly." he said in a hideously monstrous voice.

"Please. Please let me go." she pleaded softly.

"Never. I'll never let you go my dear. You are far too precious." he answered, chuckling softly.

Lilly lashed out at him but to no avail. She knew she couldn't touch him. Again he laughed.

"What do you want from me?" she asked, afraid of his answer.

"You can thank your father for this. In exchange for his life, he gave me yours. You shall pay
his debt with your life." he replied, smugly.

How could her father do this to her? How dare he!

"Then kill me and get it over with!" she screamed at him.

"It's not that easy my love. You will be with me for all eternity. As I said before, You are mine."

Lilly felt as though her world was coming to a quick but fatal end. The whole world seemed to
close in around her. She wouldn't give in to the anger she now felt towards her father. She
couldn't believe he could betray his own daughter this way. He had turned her life into a living,
breathing nightmare with no end in sight. She didn't even know the name of her terrorizing

"Who are you?" she asked, her voice barely a whisper.

His hideous laughter once again filled the corridor making her shudder.

"Who are you?" she asked again, demanding an answer.

"Don't you already know precious?" he asked, smugly.

"No." she whispered softly, seeing images flick through her mind that made no sense to her at all.

"I am Death. Soon you shall be at my side in my realm of darkness." he replied.

"No!!" she screamed in terror.

"You and I shall soon be inseparable. We shall be one." he said.


"Ha. Ha. Ha. You know it is inevitable. You have already foreseen it." he said mockingly.

Lilly fell silent. Surprise filled her face. How could he know? As if reading her mind, he
chuckled menacingly among the darkness.

"I know all about your special talent Lilly. Why do you think that I accepted your fathers' offer?
Hm? Your good looks?" he asked, pausing slightly, then continued. "Although you are
devastatingly beautiful, it was your untapped power that drew me to you. You have yet to realize
what a great gift it is to see the future. Now you can never leave me or else you will leave me no
choice. I will bring upon you the most sufferable, horrid death that you could imagine." he said,
laughing again.

Lilly felt his hand move away from her shoulder. What did he expect of her? She didn't care to
find out. Now was her last chance. She knew that there was another door in the opposite
direction. Perhaps if she could reach it...

Without a second of hesitation, Lilly shot past him through the darkness, running the other way.
She knew he was behind her and that it was all a game to him. She didn't slow down. She had to
reach the door.

She felt his hand on her back. What was he doing? Lilly fell forward as he pushed her from
behind. She fell to the ground scraping her hands and knees. It didn't stop her.

Lilly got to her feet and started running again. If she was to die, she would rather die fighting for
her life. She wouldn't give into fear. Not this time.

His laughter rang through the corridor louder than before. He was enjoying it too much, she

Again he pushed her and again she got to her feet and continued. He was playing with her like a
child with a toy.

She could see the door now surrounded by seams of light. She pushed herself harder, trying to
reach it. The ceiling fell in front of her. She knew he had knocked it down. Climbing over the
rubble, she reached out for the door. Grabbing the knob, she pulled the door open and light
flooded into the corridor. Just a few more steps.

Lilly screamed as a strong hand closed on her shoulder. He had caught her and wasn't playing
anymore. She knew he would make due on his promise of death. She had to get outside. It was
her only chance.

He threw her against the wall. Falling to the ground, she gasped for breath. She knew this was
either the beginning or end of her life. She prayed it wasn't the end.

"Fool! I warned you, didn't I?! I told you that you could never leave me. Are you ready for your
rebirth my love? You must meet with death to be reborn." he said, now taking on a visible form
in front of her.

Lilly covered her face in horror at the creature in front of her. There was no where to go. This
was her last chance.

He began laughing loudly again, staring hard at her. His gaze seemed to burn into her eyes.

"If you are to be my death, then tell me why?" she asked.

His laughter ceased. She called him her death. That pleased him. Laughing once more, he threw
back his head, roaring with laughter.

Just as she thought. He was way too overconfident. Lilly, seizing her last chance at freedom,
bolted through the doorway into the bright sunlight and out of the darkness that had almost
consumed her. Looking back at the door, she could see death laughing with a mocking smile as
he disappeared into the shadows.

"Next time Lilly. Next time I will win and you won't be so lucky." Death said, his booming voice
echoing loudly.

The door slammed shut.

Lilly fell to the ground sobbing uncontrollably. She was exhausted but pleased with herself. Not
many people have faced Death and got away. She was one of the lucky ones.