Birthdays. . . what are they good for? Another year older as time passes by so much quicker than
before. Childhood days long since gone, her youth fading away to the future. Unlike most
birthdays, this one was excruciating. On this particular day, she was troubled far more than any
normal day.

Passing the day along, working hard at her job, she kept a smile lighting her features. Though the
day seemed endless, she couldn't wait to get home to her family. Spending her birthday with her
main men was exactly what she wanted. The buzzer sounding, she headed off through the
parking lot, the smile still crossing her face. Today was like every other day, yet today she was

Driving the time it took to reach her final destination, she pulled into her parking spot and turned
the ignition off. Grabbing her things, she headed for the tiny apartment she called home and
laughed when one of her three sons peeked out at her through the big bay window. His red hair
shining against the sunlight, his dimples showed the happiness he felt at seeing his mommy

"Mom!" her little Jondear called, racing from the door. Grasping on to her tightly, he pointed
back to the red head in the window, telling her of things that happened that day. With a wide
smile, he followed he back inside, shutting the door easily and running toward his bedroom.

"Hey, Codybug," she whispered to her youngest boy lying on the sofa. Bending down to kiss
him on the cheek, her smile soon faded when a whimper escaped his lips. His hand reached
across his chest to touch his left arm, knowing that mommy would make it all better again but
only caused a panicked shock to fill her eyes.

Moving quickly to the phone, she dialed the seven numbers to reach her family. Her voice near
hysterical, couldn't seem to keep from cracking with the fear that shot through her at that very
second. Her baby. . . her youngest boy. . . her Codybug, her thoughts running wild at the thought
of what might be.

Soon she was on her way, her baby boy strapped in his car seat, though her hands were shaking
with fright. Glancing at her son, she tried to remain calm, keeping the tears from showing so that
he could know that everything would be alright. Her body ached from worry, but her mind cried
out in horror. 'How could this happen?!', her thoughts screamed as her heart pounded in her

Pulling up just outside, she parked quickly and lifted her Codybug from his seat, carrying him as
quickly as she could toward the electronic doors. Once inside, she had to wait her turn, taking a
seat and hoping to God that everything would be alright.

Finally her turn to take care of her baby. Walking steadily, she went where the clerk directed her.
Holding tightly to her two year old, she waited as patiently as she could for the physician on call
to finally come.

Later, after being told her baby needed surgery, she just wanted to cry. She wanted to crawl into
a dark hole and hide from the world and cry the tears she'd been holding inside. The nurse
happened by, asking her various questions. When the nurse asked her birth date, she cried.
"Today," she whispered softly, her tears running freely down her cheeks. "It's today, and my
baby. . ." she trailed off, trying to grasp what was left of her strength.

Calling her mother was the smartest thing she did. Upset by everything that was going on around
her, she couldn't stand it. The few minutes she talked, eased her troubled mind and showed her
new strength as she returned to her boy.

Small arm immobilized and in a sling, her lower lip trembled but she remained strong for him.
Putting on a smile, she picked him up easily, kissing his forehead. "That's my big boy. That's
my Codybug," she whispered, pressing her forehead against his.

"Don't," he said, a smile tugging at the corners of his small mouth.

Laughing, she knew he didn't mean it, after all, it was his favorite thing to say. Relieved that her
little man was going to be alright, she let out a breath she'd been holding.

AN : This was actually based on fact. My nephew, Cody, fell from a bed and broke his arm on
my sister's birthday. And as per Gemma, I'm adding this little footnote. Cody went in for his
surgery and ended up with two pins in his arm. But the little goober is fine and pesky as ever.