The Unknown

Do you ever get the feeling

That something's just not right?

The feeling your existence is futile

With no end in sight

It is a feeling I possess

Every second of everyday

Something is not right

But what I cannot say

There is the obvious

Like greed and nuclear war

Poverty and homelessness

Famine and the poor

But there is something else

To complex to perceive

Something we cannot understand

That challenges all we believe

The idea is frightening

But yet it will not dispel

The idea is tantalising

With a bewitching spell

What the idea is

Is yet for me to know

Yet it has existed

Since very long ago

It's been there

Before my presence on this earth

It has endured eternity

Since the universe's birth

Still I cannot grasp

What is this entity?

Could it be God?

Or some other deity?

I wish to believe it

But know it not to be

It has never been encountered

By either I or thee

It does not exist

But it is forever there

And it haunts me

With glamorous flair

Do ever get the feeling

That there is so much more

That you are just one small piece

Of a greater jigsaw?

Do you every get the feeling

That it is a jigsaw incomplete

And like a broken circle

It's ends will never meet?