Ambitious Circle In Four


oh licking the excitement-
the white birds which were
frenchmen during the war

slavic refugees-

they tire the requiem
the bell-ringers- who stand on hilltops and rewrite fire-
latin displacement, the

modern names of scholars-

and they are poured among the couch, the symphony of coverlets on the chairs,
the thick carpet beneath while the dogs
sniff the bottoms of their shoes-

"Prometheus, right?"

it was only for the sound
of the question. that is the
way they speak. Plate tectonics
or just Plato

standing with his back towards the portrait-painter. one stands. closes the shades-

"easier to read this way"


never seen the school
where one stung his hand

into damned half-lives of dangerous things-"

the arrangement of the
letters was a complete accident
and the awards given
were noted-

and shattered on the red-rocks
by the sea were the
similarly angry elements)

"deadly, that-"

the sea?

well only if there are loud birds. and bluffs of rocky glass