What is life?
Is it a way of living?
To try and prove yourself to someone?
Who is bigger than life itself?
Is it a test?
Is it a challenge that you must conquer to be successful?
I yearn for an answer to this...
Whatever it may be
Why is it difficult for some?
Why is it easier for others?
Why are there certain rules that applies to certain lives?
Why do people have certain viewpoints?
Why does it seem like all of the troublesome people are always the lucky ones?
Or is it just I?
What is luck?
When is luck received?
Why is luck good or bad?
How is it determined?
Why is there a good and bad to everything?
Why is there a good and bad to everybody?
What ever happened to "Being good will get you good things?"
Who am I?
What is love?
Is it for certain people?
How do you know when you are loved?
How do you love someone else?
What are tears?
Where do they come from?
Is it a whisper for help?
Or is it a way of cleansing your soul?
What is happiness?
Is it a mask that we were all given to show to the world?
If it is, then where is mine?
What is life?
Am I the only person who wants to know?
Or am I the only person who doesn't know?