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Nobody Ever Wants to Say Goodbye

It was a dark rainy night, really not much moving. A girl named Jayena was

sitting quietly in the corner of her room. She resting her head on her hand and she

was lost deep in thought as the raindrops hit the widow sill breaking the silence. Her

long light brown hair was sparkling with her light blue eyes a little with every

lighting bolt that showed. She blinks as she remembers what had happened that

terribly day.

' I wonder if he is happy,' she thought. ' I had been a bit harsh when they

had last meet before it happened. If only I could just go back and try again but who

knows maybe I just forget what happened and then I will never go back.' she

thought. " Who am I trying to kid, I loved him, I still do. I will never forget," she said

as she laid down in her bed and fell fast asleep.

The next morning was a bright sunny one. Jayena was outside by the time

warp, shocking in the sun, lost in thought. Thinking if she should go back to that

time again. if it would bring back many memories long forgotten. The cool wind blow

and some leaves fell from the tree. She started to remember once more what

happened so long ago that she would probably never forget.

~~{Flash back}~~

" You're going back aren't you," A teenage boy asked calmly. His was

holding back his true feelings but not very well. Jayena know that was hard for him.

"Soma, you know as well as I do that I have to. I've been gone for about a week now

and they might be starting to worry," Jayena said. "But you can't...." He began before

Jayena glared at him cutting him off.

"Don't even start with those dreams of yours again. Look nothing is going

to happen and you don't need me to protect you." Jayena started to sound annoyed,

"the only thing you need protection from is your own dreams and yourself. Look, I

told you I can't stay and that is all there is." Soma was speechless, his face showed

he was confused but Jayena did not seem to notices as she slipped into the time

warp. He soon recovered. " And so it begins," Soma said as he slowly headed back to

his village. "Just like the dream."

The next morning Jayena came back through the time warp, it was

probable one or two A.M. because the sun was still not up and the stars were

showing brightly. Jayena looked around and thought to herself, 'something doesn't

feel right, but what.' She froze as it hit her like a sudden speeding train hitting a

wall. "Soma, your dreams can't be true. No you are ok." She screamed out as she ran

to there meeting place.

When she arrived she froze, as her eyes grew wide in fear and her mouth

open. There before her was blood all over the place. Some bits of cloth too. "He is

still alive, for now. Go on, go to him before it is to late." A voice called out from the

woods that surrounded Jayena. "Who are you, are you the one who did this. Tell me,

NOW!" Jayena screamed but it was answered with an evil chuckle. "Better hurry

before it is too late.

Tears stated to run down her face as she started to run towards his village.

"Don't worry Soma, I am on my way, and I'm sorry I didn't believe you." Jayena yelled

as she ran into one of the houses. There a friend of hers was there. Her name was

Michelle. "Oh there you are," she began to say. "I am afraid I have some bad news."

She said with a tear falling down her face. " Soma, where is he? He is safe, right. Tell

me the truth Michelle." Jayena said with fear in her voice.

Michelle just sighed. "I'm sorry, Jay, but he was attack by Bryan and he,

he," she started to say as she broke down crying. Jayena, too, was crying but she

went over to Michelle and asked calmly, "where is he?" Michelle sat up and pointed

to the back room. Jayena thanked her and headed towards the room. Her heart felt

as if it were going to brake into a million pieces as she entered the room.

Inside the room was Soma laying on the floor. He had three cuts on his left

arm and two larges holes in his stomach. He probably had a broken bone or two

from what Jayena saw. There was blood all over him and the floor. Jayena kneeled

down besides him as a tear fall and hit Soma on the face. He opened his eyes,

barely, to see whom was there. "Ja...Ja...Jay..." he began. Jayena placed a finger over

his mouth to silence him. "Soma, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I didn't believe you and I'm

sorry I was there." Soma just cracked a little smile before coughing up some blood.

"It''s o.... ok Jay, yo.... you didn't kno.... know."

"No, you know that is a lie. I did know you told me but I didn't believe you,

and I am so sorry," jayena said baring her face into his chest. "Are you...? alright....?"

He asked as he coughed up more blood. Jayena rose and gave a small smile, "yes,

I'm alright,". She know that talking was literally killing him. "I'm so sorry," she said

once more.

"Jay.... Jayena, I.... I lo.... I love yo.... you.... I have.... alw.... always loved. . .

you," He said before he relaxed a little. Jayena thought he must have been trying to

hold enough strength to say that. "I love you too, Soma, always," She know that he

probably wouldn't make it. "Just relax, I will stay with you always.""asI .... will ... be

.... be with ," Soma said as he closed his eyes. Jayena smiled as she

brushed his hair with her fingers. "I will always live you, Soma," Jayena said as Soma

smiled then fell limp. His face holding a picture if peace and happiness.

~~~{End Flash back}~~~

Jayena was happy, for the must part, that she was able to say those words

before he left. she now that it happen long ago but it seemed as if it just happened.

She stood up and smiled as another gentle breeze blow by. She could fill his

present right by her just like the wind. "I will always love you, and I know you will

protect me from harm. Until we meet again."


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