Spinning in slow motion,

Balancing on one toe,

Careful not to fall,

Making movements flow,

Her dancing tells a story,

From long, long, ago,

Of a princess and a prince,

And a love that started to grow,

It blossomed like a flower,

In the simple spring breeze,

She spreads her arms outward,

And bends down on her knees,

This princess was so beautiful,

The prince was all too fair,

Their hearts were so big,

They couldn't help but care

The dancer reaches upward,

Her fingers toward the sky,

She shifts her weight so slowly,

Some people start to cry,

The music is within her,

It pours right from her soul,

Violins play the saddest song,

The drums begin to roll,

There's thunder in the story,

Lightening shatters the sky,

The prince is torn away,

The princess begins to cry,

Her prince slowly falls,

Into a deep eternal sleep,

The majesty of it all,

Makes the crowd weep

The princess cannot take it,

She mustn't lose her prince,

She disappears into his dreams,

And hasn't been seen since,

The dancer twists and turns,

The music crescendos,

The lights begin to dim,

What happens no one knows,

A single light is left,

To spotlight the dancer true,

She spirals backwards and curtsies,

The music starts anew,

The music is slow and sweet

Like a child's smile,

The dancer's motions,

Flow from her like the river Nile,

The story continues forward,

And the princess now returns,

Way deep within her heart,

A strong new fire burns,

She'll awaken her sleeping prince,

If it takes her forever,

She will not, and can not,

Let him go, she promised to never,

The dancer bends like the princess,

Way down beside her love,

She knows what she must do,

And upwards flies a dove,

The peace in her heart escapes her mouth,

She speaks the words so true,

She whispers in his ear,

Fair prince, I do love you,

The dancer jumps through the air,

And lands on just her toes,

The music comes to a new phase,

The prince's head arose,

He blinks his eyes and parts his lips,

To whisper to her too,

Oh princess, my sweet princes,

I swear my love is true,

The princess cries tears of joy,

Her smile you cannot miss,

The dancer comes to a slow stop,

As they share love's first kiss,

The crowd gets up on their feet,

All around tears are shed,

They clap and cheer for the dancer,

Who curtsies and bows her head,

The story had reached it's end,

The dancer knows that now,

But she cannot help but wonder,

If the story is true somehow,

She looks out on the crowd,

Is her prince sleeping too?

She whispers to herself,

Oh prince I'll find you,

Years pass and the dancer still,

Tells her story through and through,

But now to her own child,

Because her story has come true