All Hallow's Eve and what it has become

It's that time of year again,

When the trees grow shades of red

And the temperature swoops below the belt.

Oh-ho how the times have changed

    from the old All Hallow's Eve.

Children skip to and fro

Chocolate dripping from their hands,

Pretending to be devils, witches and the dead.

For it is Halloween! A child's greatest joy!

Traditions forgotten on these cold dark nights;

Why is candy given for so much delight?

Why do the boy and girl dress up to hide?

Why do such lights light homes?

Why do we forget the tales of spirits at still unrest?

The ancient verse of 'Trick or Treat'

For some, the myth still lives on

When the spirits are no longer guided away

  but the children still hide and take those ghouls' food.

The food not for you and me,

On All Hallow's Eve