The black is growing Covering all First my mind Now my heart Soon my soul I am surrounded by people But am more than alone I smile and laugh But my pain runs deep Deeper than you'll ever know The pain seeps into my bones My blood The darkness runs further Than even I know I don't care when I bleed It no longer hurts Not if I cause it But the lonliness That hurts more than any knife The pain and certainity weigh on you Every breath hurts Every word leaving your lips You don't want to be breathing Each breath only means life Longer suffering And no one knows How much it hurts you How do you explain it? They don't understand The not even making yourself bleed Can ease this internal pain The pain of each smile Will go ignored Even the crying isn't real Its to little Does nothing The small clear drops Become large red ones And still nothing Your a shell now Empty but living There isn't enough love and happiness To even begin to fill the void And you don't care anymore Nothing matters Except the pain of each day