Authors Note: This is yet another ficlet based on one of my favorite RPGs. Steph owns Masao, Yuki and the game; I own Kitsune, Rei, Sean and Matt. So :P The game kicks ass so mwuah, here's the URL:

                WARNINGS: There is a hint of shonen-ai, and a bunch of angst. So ::cackle:: Beware?



                "...Oh, god no! REI!" Kitsunes screams were chilling, the slender boy racing towards his sobbing sister. His clothes, already tattered, were singed and his pale flesh was blackened by the smoke and flames.

                He could hear the others shouting behind him; a few people were trying to restrain Masao from following his lover. Kismet students were shoving his sister from one to the other, laughing at her shrieks. Rei was too gentle to be manhandled in such a way; Kitsune was too weak to watch it go on.

                "K-sama!" Masaos scream caught Kit cold, screeching to a halt. His pause gave Masao a chance to catch up, his form wrapping around Kits own. His fingers clenched the remaining cloth about Kitsunes chest, his cheek pressing hard into his back. "K...K-sama, stop this! They'll kill you; we have to retreat."

                "They have Rei, Maa-chan." His voice was rough from the smoke, slender fingers prying the ebony haired boys fingers away. "Let me go, damnit!"

                Masao let him go obediently, but he followed Kitsune as the silver haired man ran towards the duo attempting to grope his sister. "Sean! Matt! Stop that NOW!" The sharp bark of Kitsunes voice made the two boys pale. Their hands fell from the bawling girl; Kitsune turned to glare at the SilverHaven group. "Yuki! Come get Rei."

                The youth nodded, running up past the flames and death in order to gather the crying girl in his arms before hurrying back to get her medical help. Kit turned to Sean and Matt, his voice like poisoned steel. "You are both severely demoted. You should be glad I don't have you expelled! Not ONLY was she underage; she's my SISTER!"

                Masao was staring at the furious boy--his lover--in shock. Who was this person? Kitsune was never cruel or loud or insulting; why could this person speak so to Kismet students? "K-sama--"

                "K-sama?" Matt mocked, laughing although he cast Sean a nervous glance. "What the fuck are you talking about, you little SH freak? Who IS this guy, Fox? A POW?"

                "Sudo Masao!" Sean exclaimed, face alight with awe. "I've read all your speeches; you're a wonderful speaker--"

                "K-sama...what are they talking about? Why are they calling you...Foxu?" He stumbled slightly with the odd name, frowning a bit. "How do you know them?"

                "I...Maa-chan..." For once, Kit seemed to be at loss for words. Sean tugged Matt away as he was struggling for speech. "...I'm a traitor, Maa-chan. A double agent for Kismet and SH. I...I'm sorry I--"

                Masao didn't let him finish; he turned away sharply with a cold look and tears in his eyes. Kitsune cried out, grabbing Masaos shoulder. "Masao! Don't leave me!"

                Sudo Masao was wordless as his arm slung back, striking Kitsune in the jaw. The silver haired mans fell in his knees in two types of pain, eyes closing. Turning away once again, the emerald-eyed youth moved away once more, leaving Kitsune where he knelt.

                Kitsune started sobbing blindly, reaching out towards Masao. His voice was choked with emotional pain and tears. "MASAO! Don't leave me! God, please, no! I'm sorry—I'm so sorry, please don't go! Don't leave!" At his last words, the silver haired boy doubled over in sobs, still crying out for Sudo not to leave him.

                Masao tried to blank out his mind; Kitsunes cries were almost more then he could bear. His hands clenched together, blood dripping down his palms.