Simple Gift

By Carter Tachikawa

(Yes, it's another one of my dreadful "true rhyme and trying to maintain meter" poems! Sue me, I like Whitman and all his free verse stuff. God knows why I wrote this...ah well.)

You spun long stories of happy futures
Of a grand castle decked in shades of blue
My bedroom adorned with sunlit streamers
Filled with roses, love, and sea breezes too

You led me to lives unimaginable
Painted truth on a white canvas of lies
Small gardens and rows of sweet eternity
Cream colored unicorns soaring through skies

You took my hand and pulled me away
Into your dreams unbreakable and strong
Clouds of pearls, diamond hills, ivory seas
Where we could sit and hear the siren's song

You gave me warmth plucked from a summer's sun
Crystal ice hanging from a winter's eve
Doused some of spring's perfume around my soul
To chase the autumn worries off my sleeve

Yet I have nothing of that sort to give
No tales blending what's fantasy and true
Trust me, I feel hatred towards myself
Since my love is all I can give to you

(Yes, it was short. I did not want to drag it out like I did with "Beautiful Mess". I know this is all true and I should divert from it but I just wanted to make one like this for a change. I struggled to come up with a title yet AGAIN! If anyone can think of a better one, I'd love to hear it. Anyway, r & r. Criticize if you want but don't flame. Later!)