To say the greatest, to say the truth,
Nary can be done without any proof.
Who's the hero, what's the game,
If I have the truth, do I know the name?

Lark at a castle, a baby is born,
So ordinary, nothing out of the norm.
And yet faeries from over the land,
Blesses the babe, oh so grand.

Is it always so for royalty to have it all?
Are we commoners just here to catch the ball?
Does it matter to us what myths say?
Every day is an ordinary day.

Swords aren't weapons, myths aren't real,
To turn back on things, that's the deal.
To hate and to spite, to fight the war,
Enemies are friends next door.

The destruction is all too real, too true,
If something doesn't kill us, then we've grew.
But when someone we love leaves us to die,
Is what we've always believed in still right?

To err is human, to love is more,
Yet humans can never enter immortality's door.
Gods aren't immune, neither are we,
What's keeping us from being free?

Who are we truly, if we aren't what we seem?
What's wrong with us, if we are not fit to deem?
And through this all, there's a maniacal gleam,
Just before we fall, a midnight scream.

And in our heart, so great was the pain,
Oh the horror, so bloody was the dame,
As curiosity lets us go, down came the rain,
Perched on a branch, the nightingale sang,

"To kill, to live, to die, it's all,
Is that the way humans will fall?
Greed and corruption, hate and spite,
Humans are no different from faeries or sprites.

Yet why are some damned and some unfit,
To take on the job that many can get?
And why is everything so twisted, surreal,
Is everything in life worth just a meal?

Weakness is nothing, boldness is lies,
The person who screams will be the next to die.
To hate is nothing, nothing right,
Yet humans can't keep themselves away from the fight.

Does this end the tale of tragedy and grief?
Does this make any of the deaths more brief?
Are humans truly doomed to miserable lives,
Pain and anguish and playing fire with knives?"

We say the nightingale shall never know naught,
Anguish for humans, that's what it sought,
Yet we live out the lives it sings,
Red isn't red but instead is green.

Humans are sinners, beasts of Hell,
Pride cometh before we fell.
Yet Gods are not better, why can they stay,
While we live our lives in only gray?

To know is never, never enough,
Knowledge is only, always just stuff,
To conquer is the one, the only way,
The only way for us to prove our days.

The Fountain of Truth is over there,
With immortaliy we can also become heirs.
Gods are only humans that never die,
We are all the same and never right.

God and humans, always the same thing,
Hatred for both the others bring.
We will never be different, always the same,
God and humans, we are the same name.