A poem I wrote about losing a loved one to the pains of war - about murder (or the lack thereof) and its consequences.

*Deathly Confusion*

All I ever wanted

Was to know you were here with me

You can't live halfway in that world

And halfway in mine

I can't handle this torture

Watching you split in two

I don't want you to be

Stuck between life and death

These are those days we've heard about

When our choices tell us who we are

It is our decisions that shape our destiny

Not who we are supposed to be

I sit here at the window

Looking out at shivering children

And watch the rain fall

And I want to help them

But I can't because

You aren't here alongside me

If I knew where you were

I would bring you back

If I could get to you

I would take you home

But all I know

Is what we all can see

You're stuck between life and death

Because I couldn't swing the blade

And kill one



I'm a murderer