By:Andrew Troy Keller

We had left our Cleveland house on Thanksgiving
And drove over to my mother's place for the holiday gathering.
As soon as we've arrived,we all
Had sat down and watched a Browns football
Game,while Mom was still fixing
The food for the holiday feasting.

And then,after the Browns had scored their first touchdown,
Mom had asked for a volunteer to go to town
And get some eggnog from the Tops food market.
Now,it meant that I was going to miss some of the game,I do admit.
But,at least I'll see the holiday lights that were hung all over town.

Anyway,after I had arrived in town,
I had looked at the buildings and was unable to frown,
For all the lights
That were hanging on the buildings were shining so bright.
In fact,they were the brightest lights ever in town.

And then,after I had arrived at the Tops store,
The place was decorated from the ceiling to the floor
In true holiday style.
Once inside,I bumped into my old high-school buddy,Kyle
Stockwell,who was sweeping the floor.

"Nice day for a large feast.Right,Kyle?",
I asked my friend,who had greeted me with a smile.
"Yes,indeed it is.",he said,while he was still doing his chore.
And then,after he had finished sweeping the floor,
He asked me,"Now,what do you want from your buddy,Kyle?"

"Well,I'm here for some eggnog.",I've answered."Which aisle is it in?"
Kyle turned and answered,"The eggnog is in aisle seven."
After I had thanked him for his aid,
I had gotten the eggnog and paid
For it.It was a dollar-seven.

After that was done,I had walked over to Kyle
And when I had noticed that there was no more smile,
I asked,"Kyle,are you okay?
You look like something that is in a bad way."

"I had no choice,but to spend Thanksgiving alone.",Kyle
Answered,after he had placed some soup cans in a neat pile.
"Even though alone is what I've wanted to be,
I get lonely even around a Christmas tree."
Just then,I had placed my hand on Kyle
And let out a great big smile.

"Say,Kyle.Instead of feeling
Sorry for yourself,Why don't you come over to Thanksgiving
Feast at my Mom's house.She won't be sore.",
I said."You see,the first rule of Irish families is that there's always room for one more."
And with that,he had agreed to join us for Thanksgiving.

And I was right,for when we arrived back at the house,
Mom had not complained even about a mouse,
For she had agreed with the saying out of Irish lore,
"There's always room for one more."