Michael lay on his back engulfed in a rolling sea of green. His nude body being whipped of all impurities by the turbulent night air . The loft , his kingdom in the sky ,so far above mere mortal affairs he stood .And yet so close. The window slid closed and Dashea s face loomed over him.

"Trying to freeze your self mike?" her voice ,so soft yet scream like in his wind hollowed ears. "Storms brewing tonight " she sat next to him her shawl engulfing her like a spider in its silken web.

"life goes on" he answered and rolled over exposing his warm backside to the torture of cold .Dashea lay next to him and he curled his nude body about hers . Once again silence filled the room and mike so warm and comfortable in his cocoon of wind and faux fields slept on.

David watched them together his every fiber burned with envy . His love laying alongside a friend ,a friend who knows of his lust and still acts as if it doesn't matter. The darkness could hide his tears for now ,but nothing could hide his loathing .Dashea was lost to him and life had no meaning .

The Loft trembled as thunder battered against it from above. The twins lay wide awake in their beds. The beaded walls swung restlessly back and forth as if trying to escape their bondage. Then suddenly burst noisily apart and the girls appeared wide eyes flashing as lightning tore through the thin curtains adorning the twins windows. Mathew stood and drew Jaelle into his bed the warmth comforted them .Miles relaxed as Jay crawled into his bed pressed her face against his chest and slowly stroked his neck. Lightning illuminated them for yet a second more then thrust them into darkness.

Seizet ,the oddball roamed the beaded labyrinth alone . Every now and then stopping and peaking between the beads into empty rooms finally he gave up his walk and crashed on a couch surrounded by darkness a single window its only accompaniment. His life too was unfulfilled. The storm ragged on. The wind blew many strange items across his field of vision then sleep engulfed the death walker to and so the night went on.

The wind howled out its anger at the rest of the world its pain was being taken out on Riviera . Many small cyclones threatened to burst forth and tear the damned city apart ,but by some miracle were held at bay. Morning came finally ,and with it a gray menacing sky with black and blue battle scars. The Loft awoken slowly with many creaks and groans as the century old building pulled its self together.

The shower ran in a small bathroom with blue tile along the walls .Dashea stood in the mist soothing hot water pelting her soft skin. Last night Mikes presence kept David away hopefully tonight...a shadow not hers moved from with in the bathroom . Slowly Dashea unhooked the shower head and holding it as a bat she pulled back the shower curtain and blasted her stalker with a jet of boiling hot water.

David screamed in surprise and pain as the water splattered his naked body. Dashea swiftly lowered the nozzle and snatched her towel off the rung .

"What the hell are you doing in here !!' she demanded wrapping herself to the chin in towels .

"i have to talk to you De" David's large brown eyes took her in and his heart leapt

"Get out "she spat her voice full of hatred and spite.

"but we .."

"Get out now!!" Deshea's eyes were red with anger David always picked the worst times to try and get near her.

Slowly he turned away his bare feet slipping on the wet floor as he left the blue bathroom turned down once again by the woman he loved. Silent tears slid down his face as he dressed and sat looking longingly out across the vas expanse of Riviera. From 13 stories up the city looked magnificent in the gloomy morning. David wished he could be there, longed to be normal for just one day.

He stood and walked through the beaded walls of his compartment to a room on the west side of the loft. Here he stood in darkness. The dim morning light did nothing to brighten the black walls of his heart as he stood before the full length mirror. He was rather handsome . His baby brown skin smooth and pale ,his hair braided back in seven tightly knit plaits. He wore a trim black tank which peaked out from under his blue and orange Japanese print shirt. His blue and black boxers protruded over the top of his shiny black jeans, which were tucked and nicely creased apon the lip of his orange and blue Nikes.

What did Dashea find unattractive about him. David turned away from his image. His large brown eyes brimmed with tears. 'Is this what iv become ' he asked himself quietly as he descended the thirteen flights of stairs to the streets below.

"He has changed ." stated Vampyre flatly as she patted Dashea's head. "have you spoken to him?" she ask trying to sound interested.

This is the second week in a row Vampyres rest has been disturbed by Dashea's bawling and honestly she wasn't interested.

"I dont understand him any more..." Dashea sobs burying her face into Vampyre's raven black hair.

"Of course you wont understand him unless you give him a chance to talk to you .Stop complaining to me !"

"If you don't care Vam...just say so and ill leave you ."


Once again Dashea's eyes fill as she turned and walked away from the one girlfriend she thought she had.

Outside the sky boiled and rumbled ,threatening to erupt and drown the city. Dashea stepped out into the gloom of S avenue and tried not to cry as she left Vampyres' apartment. Looking back she could see the loft high above the city a few blocks away. Slowly she started walking in the opposite direction. The sky bellowed once more and a fine spray misted the sidewalks of hell.

"I am getting tired of this."

"Its about time they break up for good!"

"I wonder how he's taking it."

"I ve never seen her like this before"

She heard the whispers ,saw the fingers the glances the nervous laughter, the silence that followed after. The streets were damp and dank that morning, Barbies place had the best veggie burger outside The Pit so that's where she went ,and that's where he followed. The man with the dark coat the dirty face blood shot blue eyes and stubbled chin. The man whose gap showed large and dark as he steeped into the light. The darkness within his mouth making his yellowed teeth seem all the more dingy. Carlos ,his stench preceded him.

"One more block to Barbies " Dashea thought as she turned onto the ally to avoid the crowd in front of Rosita's Meats. Her steps echoed on the dank cement. Over flowing trash cans littered the way ,rotted maggot eaten refuse protruding from under half closed lids . Rats the size of cats scuttled from her path beady red eyes catching in the light reflected from puddles of filth .

Dashea not known to be frightened of rats strutted boldly down the ally hands in pockets head down to hide the tears now sliding down her cheeks. Slowly she removed a pale hand from the confines of her pocked to wipe away her pain when suddenly a hand twice that of hers closed around her wrists and yanked her back into the darkness of the ally way .

2 Carlos .Dirty and drugged as ever stood in the shadows. Ross his right hand man help Dashes against his chest tightly pinning her arm behind her back.

Carlos stepped forward red eyes almost swollen shut his gap seamed even larger then usual.

"Well little rose " he cooed running a grubby index finger along Dashea's neck. "What are ju doing all alone in my ally?" Ross hissed as Dashea struggled against him.

Dashea closed her eyes. Too many times she found herself in such predicaments ,but always one of her friends would be there .She opened her eyes again batting back tears as the pressure on her arms released.

Ross stepped back as Carlos forced himself up against Dashea pressing his grossly swollen face against hers. "where's ur man now honey.? the little freak gonna run to your rescue this time?"

His breath was sour with the stench of drink and bile. Dashea grimaced but held her eyes steadily on his.He grinned and motioned for Ross to take her .He stepped back unbuckled his pants and swiftly removed his studded leather belt. His eyes flashed as he cursed her. "r u gonna have us man sic his gay ass posse on me now, hun!" he demanded thrusting the belt in her face threateningly .Dashea scowled at him worked up here courage and spat a wad of mucus into Carlos's grimy face..

Outraged he raised his belt and lashed out at her once, twice.....His hand stopped in mid air inches from Dashea's face mid blow. she ached with pain even Ross felt it .Slowly she opened her eyes to see what stopped the reign of blows.

Carlos stood before her arm still raised just as puzzled as she. The buckle alone was in his grasp the rest of the belt was severed off and lay at his feet. Terrified Ross released his grip on Dasheas' shoulders and she slumped to the ground as a shadow moved from behind Carlos and came to her side. At the sudden movement Carlos shook of his shock and ran stumbling from the ally.

"You alright Dee?" Davids' face loomed out of the reseeding darkness gray spots twirling around his head. "Thanks for being there man. "he said turning to the boy in the blue beanie pulled down over his eyes with long rabbit ear like lops hanging on either side of his face.

"No prob. " he said smiling his eye holes crinkled up as he did so making him look even more lil a blue rabbit.

David held Dashea protectively as they exited the city bus and crossed the busy street to the Pit.

Once up in the loft David and the new comer lay Dashea down on her bed. As they spoke David deftly massaged her neck where the belt had hit her a dark bruise discolored her pale skin. David silently cursed himself for not being there for her.

Night came and with it the other occupants of the loft. Mike Settled down on his turf and stretched out full length Seven hours until new years he thought to him self as he gazed out his wall length window apon the restless town below. He hadn't closed his eyes for three mins when a familiar voice whispered in his ear.

"The purple horse flies at dawn."

Mikes eyes flashed open , he was on his feet in an instant. Fist clenched muscles tightening .DISCHARGE!

The boy in the beanie sat cross legged before him slowly sipping on a can of mountain dew.

"What are you doing here !!" mike demanded

"Was gonna ask u the same." shrugged the other. I found one of your friends ..she got beat up really bad ." he said taking a sip of dew.

"The Girls?" mike asked a bit confused

"No " replied discharge getting to his feet ." Dee, other one she was alone."

Mike groaned and sprinted through the labyrinth of crystal beads to Dasheas window..

David sat with her head on his lap slowly stroking her ,rubbing her temples ,she groaned with pleasure and pain. He could stay there for hours ,Outside the sky blazed red and orange. He wished the moment would last forever but he could already hear the jingle of beads and all to soon Mike poked his head in followed by Discharge chugging his dew lops bouncing as he skipped happily along .

Dashea pushed against David and tried to sit up when she heard Mikes voice. Davids eyes burned red with hate as Mike lifted his love gingerly out of his arms and cradled her against himself cooing softly. They walked away leaving him alone with his burning passion and rage. The sky went blank and the first fire cracker shattered outside the window .The noise from the burst covered the solid thud of Davids' fist against the wall.

"Seven hours until new years" David said aloud as he showered in the blue bath room. His thoughts wandered back to the first time he met Dashea. How long ago it seemed. Life had a purpose then . David turned off the water and stood in in the tub water dripping from his body. He dressed mechanically ,took his key from the hook and descended 6 of the 13 flights of stairs and entered the private rec. room. For two hours David strived to wear himself out .But no matter how much he exerted himself on the various machines his anger still raged.

The girls came downstairs at seven .David was passed out on the landing sweat soaked and rank of cheap beer.

Janelle sighed as she tapped on the door to the rec. room. With much effort the vaulted door was opened and the girls dragged David inside and propped him up on a large brown couch. His head rolled to the side and he lay still a copy of Tenth Addition slid to the floor .


"Hey Dashea?' Jaelles voice was barely above a whisper as she leaned over the table. Her lips brushed against the hairs above Dasheas ear. "Do you really want to go on like this" she asked

"yeah" said Janet "you two are trying to kill your selves or worst get kilt."

Dashea groaned ,she was still a bit shaken but it was Mikes idea that she go down and get stoned as soon as possible. She looked at her watch..10:08

"it'll kill the pain " Seizet had said smiling his devilish way.

But now here she sat being assaulted from all directions .The whole world closing in on her prying into her personal life begging to be told of her next move. 'Yeah 'she thought pushing her way through the crows towards the door "It'll kill the pain"

She knew the tears were coursing down her face .Hot angry tears, tears which bubbled up from the hot spring that sat in the pit of her stomach. She snatched a shot off a tray as a waitress slunk by. Once again she could feel the eyes on her trying to pry into her soul begging to be let in to her deepest secrets. Out of her mind came a picture ,an old picture from a life she had long ago abandoned.

She thrust through the crowd at the door .Head down she heads towards the bridge her anger building as a gang of Z-darkies stepped out of the shadow of a pub.

"Hey D.." one called after her. "you kno where david is ..i need an idea for a new tatoo....."

She was running her boots thudded against the wet cement sidewalks, glass crunched beneath her feet. Puddles slopped up against her pant legs. She slowed but still whizzed pasted the parked cars barely a shadow of a shadow. She turned off of Broadway, the blue heron bridge loomed ahead..she was walking slower and slower but her tears burned a raging river down her face blinding her. She stopped beneath a lamp post ,the dirty yellow light made her hands look old and withered She turned them over, her dull yellow palms assaulted her. A tear fell into her hands a dying star in a world of vibrant neon lights. Her ragged breath puffed before her. She was on the foot of the bridge. Still walking yet seemingly not getting any where.

A scream shattered the night, bold and high pitched against her deft ears. She looked at her watch .11:59:09 She stopped the alarm .The erie green glow from the face faded away. She continued walking the bridge began leveling car whizzed by high beams on Horn blaring Radio blasting the latest hit by Spiracy..

She sighed and came to a stop. Leaning on the railing she gazed longingly out across the cold waters of the intercoastal. She could see her breathe cloud puffing out before her. Dashea closed her eyes and sat on the railing next to the Danger sign. Her hands tight around the cement encased railing. She looked down at the dark water below. The neon colors from the Crabpot restaurant danced in the waves.

Once again she closed her eyes and gave a silent prayer. Carefully she stood on the very tip of the outer ledge her heals against the wall of the railing. She exhaled and opened her eyes. Her breath cloud hung warm before her eyes. Then another cloud replaced it. Shocked she turned towards the breather. David stood on the ledge next to her his sweat soaked T-shirt clung to his chest. His face was blank but his large brown eyes were rimmed with tears..

" I wont loose you twice ."he said his voice breaking as the tears slid down his face..He placed his right hand over her left and squeezed....