Kira was an angry girl. He family ignored her. Her friends were acting like she wasn't there ,is there something wrong with the world ?Or is it just with Kira ?

"Sean! Sean !" she called "Wait up guys.Sandy!" the group kept walking not even looking back as the climbed aboard bus 106 and it roared out of the parking lot. Kira stood alone in the dust. Why didn't Sean wait for her. Why didn't Sandy look back. The dust stung her eyes. Kira lowered her head to hide the tears. Was it something shed done.

It would have been a long walk home .Seven miles through the "bad" part of town. Sighing Kira sat down on the sidewalk of the bus loop. When she sees im not home mom will come looking for me. She sighed and waited for hours it seemed. She didn't have time for this ,the homework was piling up and her grades were slowly going down hill. She hour later she stood as a blue mini van roared into the parking loop and stopped before her. She smiled So you didn't forget me .The van horn blasted out three long notes.Kira shocked stepped back and looked hard at her mother ,applying lipstick in the mirror.She tapps on the mirror but no response. The doors were still locked.

A noise from the schools main corridor distracted her. The boys soccer team had practice this after noon. Thrusday, her mothers turn to drive the team home.

Kile ran up to the door grinning ,he was an hour younger that Kira and obviously the favorite of the two. The locks sprang open and Kira crowded into the Van along with half the Soccer team covered in mud and grime. "How was practice today guys?" Mrs. Henny calls as she swings the van into traffic. It was another hour before Kira was home.6:00.Time for Daria . The family room was deserted. The younger kids Kayle and Kevin were playing poutside.Kile was in the shower and Mrs.Henny was preparing dinner. Kira sighed. At least some things didn't change. She turned on the t.v and sank into a corner of the couch.It was a rerun but she didn't care. I cant believe she didn't come for me earlier. Mr. Henny came in mins later and changed the station.

"DAD I was watching that!" Kira screams

"Hey hun, where is the news paper" he calls to his wife in the kitchen

"on the table dear." Kira snatches the remote as he walks away and turns back to her show.Her father returns paper in hand, reading the sports section no doubt Kira sulks.

"Did you change the channel" he asks rather loudly.

"yeah daddy I was watching Daria.You know I .."

"No James I ve been in the kitchen !"

James Henney takes up the remote and changes back to the news. Too pissed to care Kira gets up and goes up stairs to her room. "What are you too doing in here?!" Kira shrieks as she discovers her little brother and sister playing in her room. Their chubby faces smeared with paint as the stare blankly at her.

Kayles eyes began to tear ,Kevin hid behind her . "Get out ,Now" Kira bellows. The twins scramble to obey. Kira rushes down stairs behind ,Why had her mother allowed this to go on. This was the Forth time this week she has had to scare the kids from her room. She found them in the kitchen hiding behind their mother. When they saw her their eyes whitened and faces blanched.

"Mom why were thay in my room again! You promised youd get me a lock months ago and yet you still let them play in there ! do you know how hard it is to get their gooey messes out ofmy carpet! Its not fair that I have to clean up my room if their the ones playing in it !"Kira rants on and on .Her mother continues to ignore her. The little kids back into the corner.

"Mommy?" Kayles voice was full of tears. Kira opened the freezer and rumbled through its frozen debths still ranting.


"What it is Kayle !Why arent you guys upstairs?"

"Its Kira ,she yelling at us again" whispered litle kevin his wet cheeks glistening as his chin quivered

A stab of pain hit Mrs.Henny deep in her heart. She looked down at her two youngest. They loved Kira. She was the world to them. "ooh honey ,"she said ,the pain evident in her voice as she bent down to her children. "Kira is gone sweety."

Kira stopped ,Her head in the freezer as she listened to her mothers words .

"but mom she 's here we saw her "Kayle protested.

"You have to promise me you wont say these things again Kayle There is no heaven for liars."

"but you said Kira is in heaven." kevin sniffed "and she told lotsa lies ,she said she wasn't going to the bad place."

Mrs Henney shut her eyes ,she didn't want her children to see her crying. It was true Kira said she was coming straight home ,but she never made it. Instead she went with a 'friend' through the "Bad" part of town, but that was months ago. Many news reports ago. Many lives ago ,before they caught the 'friend'. But Jacqueline Henney couldn't tell her children this. They were too young. There was plenty of time for them to get used to the harshness of reality .

Kira dropped the box of ice cream she had dug out of the freezer. Her mothers thoughts confused her more confusing was the reason she could hear them. She wanted to run to her and hug her ,to be certain this was all just a bad dream that will go away in the morning. She closed the fridge and timidly approached her family. The little ones drew away. Her mother turned and seemed to look through her.

"Whats wrong Kayle?"

"Kira's here mommy." The tears started again.

Kira stepped forward. the little ones clamped their eyes shut.As she wrapped her arms around her mother.

She was solid yes. But something had changed ,she felt hallow, Kiras arms were around her but it would have felt no different than hugging a tree or a rock. There was no warmth, but a slight shiver then Jacqueline pulled away .

Kira felt sick. She could feel herself moving ,Growning futher and further away from her little sister and brother ,her mother faded as did the kitchen the living room ,the house ,the neighborhood the world.

On the news report James Henney cried as the footage of yet another little girl was shown. Rilliah Wilson. One more child given onto the system. He couldn't help but cry. He stood and walked into the kitchen. His wife and youngest children were in a ball by the stove ,her shoulders heaved with her tears. His eldest ,Kile stood in the doorway, a lone tear slid down his right cheek. He had been strong through the whole ordeal. He had lost the most in this. Kira was taken while watching his soccer tryouts. She loved to watch him play. They were twins. Inseparable to the end. Mr Henney looked away from his family. Something odd on the floor in front of the fridge caught his eye. An open pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream ,its contents melting onto the white tile.

© Nat Forbes