*BUWAHAHAHAHA! I AM THE BEST POET EVA! Well not really, but still! I CANT BELIEVE THIS ACTUALLY A FINALIST TO WIN 1000 BIG ONES AND ITS GOING TO BE FEARTURED IN A POETRY BOOK! Mom crushed my dreams tho, said it might be a hoax…*beats mom with spoon* THIS IS YOUR DAUGHTER BE NICE OLD LADY! Anywho, YEAAAAAAAAAH! Well read it and tell me if its worthy of its "title"!*


A desert sweeps with sands afar
Listen while you can
The wind whistles in selfless defeat
Caressing the lifeless lands
Twisting a colored band of heat
The sun arose the line
Shriveled in a distant treasure
An ocean once divine
Shameless say those who defeat
The purpose yet to sense
A rose cannot be a rose
Without a thorn in its defense
A desert cannot be a desert
Without the little life it has behind
Cool winds across the dunes
A touch to the hot soft sand
Rolling through such thin strict fingers
The desert is where we stand