Once again, something inspired from my Latin class...I ought to keep that class just because it's so good of a place for me to write.

I had various inspirations from where this came from, both externally and internally. I was going to list them here. On second thought, though, I think I want to know where other people think this came from.

To the Keeper
by Rb

You sought to protect your most
precious item from everything wrong;
you shut it away from strangers
who might have come and taken it
away from you. You were so proud
of your jewel.

But. Girls' hearts are not made of stone.
You should never have locked her away
from all the world.

"How was I to know her heart?"
How were you to know she yearned to be free?

When she found love to be more
precious than blind devotion,
She fell in love, despite you.
(how could she? how dare she?)
She ran away from you
and was lost forever.

This alone I'll say to you:
you killed her first.

But. I'm not here to chastise
the well-intentioned griever.
I merely mourn the maiden
who was never able to fulfill
her early promise of who she
could be.


It's all right for you to cry.