- To Save A Kingdom -

By: Jade

Rating: PG - 13, for some violence and tense situations


Copyright: The ideas, characters and places in this story were all conceived by me so please do not steal anything in this story for your own use.

Summary: Amalia is a survivor; Javlad is a successful guard captain with a bright future; Sydrain is an immature and spoiled prince; while Maldiva is a thief and assassin. Together they must over come their own limitations and work together to save a kingdom.

Note: I am Canadian and all my spelling follows that so sorry if it is slightly different then the typical American or British formates.

Pronouncements: (for all of those who care) are as such:

a - mal - lee -a


Chapter 1: Evading Peril

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at the close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

~ Dylan Thomas

Amalia crouched down low on her hands and knees with her stomach arched downwards towards the splintery wooden floor. Smoke cascaded into the room and swirled around her making her eyes sting with unshed tears and her lungs protest heavily, yet she remained frozen within the clutches of indecision and fear. The house around her was slowly being consumed by the hungry caress of scarlet flames and would, at any moment, collapse in a heated inferno yet Amalia found her body refusing to listen to her incoherently screaming mind; shock disabling even her ability to think. She silently cursed her own powerlessness.

A scream from outside roused her from her stupor and acting immediately upon the sensation that her body was once again hers to command she darted on all fours across the room to the far wall. Reaching over and grabbing one of the kitchen stools by the base of its leg she hurled in upwards into the glass paned window, sheltering her face as best she could against one of her shoulders. On her second attempt the glass shattered and sprayed over her allowing a glorious breeze of fresh air to penetrate the oppressive smoke. She choked on tears of thankfulness as she rose quickly and scrambled though the window, cutting her palms and legs brutally upon the transparent shards which still remained impeded in the wooden frame.

The chaos on the main street almost convinced her that she should retreat back into the sanctuary of the burring house. Screams and wails of injured villagers echoed shrilly in the evening air; billows of black smoke rose from a series of burning houses and shops and the raiders stood in their shining armor looking otherworldly large and evil. Down the street she watched in shocked horror as a sword came slashing down savagely, its target true. It glazed dully afterwards, a crimson hue, as the barbarian warrior stood impassively in front of the now prone figure. Amalia felt her breath catch in her throat as she strangled off the hysterical scream which threatened to emerge past her lips. She could not risk drawing attention to herself she admonished. Tearing her gaze from that scene only served to lay her eyes upon another. A small child, their sex undistinguishable in the haze, attempting to scale the outer walls of their burning dwelling from the upper stories, a desperate bid for freedom at best, was suddenly engulfed in flames as the building collapsed into rubble.

Amalia found herself immobilized with an indescribable terror which seemed to not only paralyze but freeze her very soul. I am not a fighter she admitted to herself. This situation goes beyond anything I can control. With eyes large and wide she scrambled to her feet and urged them to go as fast as she could make them; her torn skirts flowing behind her as she fled, leaving her village to its fate.


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