By:Andrew Troy Keller

I remember the truly bizzare way
I had lost a turkey on Thanksgiving day.
We were visiting my parents,Jed and Freda
On their ranch in Montana.
Everything was ready for the day.
Everything--except for the turkey.
So,we had no choice but to go up to Mikey,
The family's pet turkey and-in a real big way
-Use an axe to turn him into the day's
Main course--roast turkey.
But before I was able to get Mikey
Onto the chopping block,the little turkey
Had bit me on the thumb,
Causing me to drop him-which was dumb-
And allowing him to scram in a hurry.
He was brought back by my dad
A few minutes later.He was so mad
That I was forbidden to touch another turkey
Ever again,which was fine by me.