By:Andrew Troy Keller

After our shuttle had left the starship USS Montana,we had set course for a mysterious nebula that had appeared in front of the ship.
As we drew closer to the nebula,it was the duty of yours truly,Lt. Cmdr. Alan Kirby to make sure the mission crew remains safe.
However,as soon as we had reached the very edge of the nebula,something had gone wrong--something had caused the shuttle to be dragged into the nebula and sucked out of our known universe.
Now,I could really tell you that it was a real roller-coaster ride all the way thru the nebula.
But to tell you the truth,that was nothing compared to what happened after we were slamed out of the nebula.
We had suddenly found ourselves heading very fast towards an Earth-like planet and had no choice,but to brace ourselves for impact.
After we had entered the planet's atmosphere,the shuttle had slamed it's way through a forrest and into a shallow pond.
After the crash-landing,the only surviving mission crew members were myself and our medical officer,Lt. Amanda Nash.
The other mission crew members were killed due to both the speed and the crash.
After we had gotten ourselves out of the shuttle,Amanda and I had walked into a clearing,in order to find out what type of planet we're on.
As soon as we had made it to the clearing,our eyes had grown wide with a sense of wonder and awe,for we had discovered a world of true paradise.
No war.No crime.No vice of any kind.Only trees,clean air and everlasting peace.
And then,after we had realized that they was no possible way for the Montana to find us,we had decided to make this world our new home.
And so far,the three of us--myself,my newly wedded wife,Amanda and our son,Jason had been on this planet ever since.