The House of Horrors

The dust and cobwebs clung to his face and hands as he pushed his way through the dark hall of the crumbling mansion. Soft, skittering sounds - a multitude of rats - echoed throughout the house. Cautiously he approached the door. The wood, he could see, was splintered from the inside out, by what appeared to be long claw marks. Slowly, carefully, he opened the door. One step into darkness and he plunged into nothingness.

After what seemed like hours of falling, he finally hit the floor. He stood and found himself to be in a dungeon. The walls and floor were made of cold, hard stone. Twenty feet above him was a tiny window. Rays of moonlight shone through. His only source of light. The floor was carpeted with dust. Footsteps were visible. They were not his footsteps though. These footsteps were huge. He thought of the person or creature that could have made those footsteps and shuddered. He hoped that he would never encounter that creature but something inside him told him that he would. The loud footsteps that he heard next confirmed his fears. His eyes searched the room, looking for a place to hide. He slid his hand over the wall, looking for a door. As he did so the footsteps got progressively louder. They were almost directly above him now. When the footsteps were almost deafening something happened. Suddenly, a part of the wall slid to the side and a passageway appeared. He didn't even stop to think as he entered the passageway. Only as the wall slid back and left him in complete darkness did he begin to rue his decision. The complete silence scared him. His only thought was not comforting. For some reason the only thing that he could think of was that if he were to scream for help no one would hear him. Despite the darkness, he decided to continue walking down the passageway. When he heard the fluttering of wings, his pace quickened. As he continued he began to see rays of light. Each step brought him closer and closer. Finally he reached a doorway. He opened the door and found himself outside. His friends were there to greet him. "So," they asked, "how was it?"

"Great," he answered. "That was the best haunted house ever. Except for those footsteps. Those sounded too fake."

But little did he know that inside the dungeon, a twelve foot giant searched and searched wondering how that boy he had captured for his dinner could have possibly escaped.