The Fire

"This is all just a dream," Melissa Kaminski thought. "I'm going to wake up and see my room with my blue comforter on my bed." Slowly she opened her eyes. It wasn't a dream. Standing in front of her was a house. It was her house. Usually it looked perfectly normal. - A two story house, white aluminum siding, green shutters, a white fence and dozens of roses. White roses, yellow roses, red roses, and pink roses, every kind of rose you could imagine. Her mother loved her roses. She loved her garden. Everything in it was always perfect. - But today it didn't look perfect. Gone were the beautiful roses, gone was her mother's beautiful garden. Nothing was left in its place but ashes. Her house, her beautiful house was ablaze. Huge clouds of smoke hovered in the air. Firefighters stood nearby with their massive hoses trying to quench the flames.

Five minutes later the fire had finally been quelled. The house was in ruins. There was nothing left but the frame and ashes. "NOOOOO!" Melissa cried. "NOOOOO!"

"CUT!" She heard someone yell. "You were great kid. Hey, wait a minute. You're not the actress I hired. Who are you? Whoever you are, you're hired. That was the best acting I have ever seen. You really looked like you were watching your house burn down. That was great!"

Melissa was shocked. Her house hadn't burnt down after all. She looked at the street name. "Primrose" it read. "I live on Oak," she thought. Her day hadn't been so bad after all. Her house hadn't really burnt down and she had gotten an acting job all in the same day. At least she might have the job for a little while. Maybe until the next scene when they find out that she really can't act.