Supernatural Darkness

1. Unaware

The dark night threatens to take over the peace and hostile surroundings. A girl stands unaware of the scene. She turns to only find shadows, her dress overlapping the back of her legs and the ground beneath her. She picks up her dress to search for the eerie sensation of the night. In the instant that she hesitated to move, something shivered and jumped from behind.

In an attempt to escape, the girl ran down the stairs holding onto her dress. She nearly tripped and fell, but her fear kept her moving. The young man appeared before the girl, grabbing onto her with a tight grip. "Where are you going, my lady?" The eyes of the young man were black, and his teeth were sharp like blades. The girl wanted to shriek, but she knew what this man wanted.

"I am going out to find my father." She slipped away from the young man, but he wrapped his arm around her waist from behind.

"Oh, but my lady, it is such a delight to see you again." He whispered into her ear. His tone was deep and soft, it sounded innocent, just like he looked, seventeen years of age.

The girl shook her head. "I truly need to find him." She tried to move away, but the young man held onto her even closer. Now she can hear him breathing on her. She gulped down her fear and closed her eyes. "Just let me go, Vincent."

Vincent smiled to himself and touched the girl's hand. She quickly pulled away. "What is it you fear? For you know me more than I know myself." The girl turned around, staring into his eyes. They were so black it was unordinary. He smiled again, but this time his teeth shined to reveal the whiteness. His face changed into that of a vampire.

The girl touched the edge of his teeth. "Why is it me that you bother when there are so many more out there? I have no expectancy for you, every time you come you come for the same purpose."

The vampire let go of the girl and changed back. His innocent face seemed to be hurt. "Well, what can you expect a vampire to do in a night such as this? The rain is pouring like knifes outside, I came here to escape from it."

"If I had not known you better, I would've said you were the one who created this rain." She moved away from him and sat down, gesturing for him to do so as well. "Do you have any idea what our purpose is here?" He just sat leaned forward staring at his hands.

Vincent smiled and looked up at the girl. "You can play your innocent look on my all you want, but you know what your purpose is as well. For your knowledge of this dimension is much more than mine, witch." The girl frowned at this.

"I prefer to be called by my name, for your information. Caroline is fine." The girl spoke in a sarcastic tone. She was irritated with the vampire's sense of humor. The vampire just laughed. "I don't know what you find so funny." The vampire just kept smiling.

Vincent shook his head. "Every time I come, your excuse is always to see your father. Do you have any idea how angry your father would be if he found you associating about witchcraft? How ironic it is that he is part of the town council." He smiled again at Caroline's displeased look. "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. I mean, last time I angered you, I ended up with a restraint on my power for a month. You and your spells, one day you'll hurt somebody without meaning to."

"And you haven't? Please, I see you outside taunting every girl you see, then feasting on them like a beast. You're more damned than I, so don't speak unless you know what you're speaking about." She got up and looked outside, the rain stopped pouring as hard. She could see the gentlemen outside pacing around and around, seeming as if they had no home to walk toward.

The vampire got up as well, looking outside at the people. "Innocent mortals, they have no clue on the world. I'm not even supposed to be here. I have an arrangement to meet with a band of the "delightfully damned." The girl laughed at this.

"What strange names you make up for demons, maybe it's the thick band of blood that's cutting the circuit to your brain. You're just as damned as them, I don't understand why you have to act as if you were superior." The girl was smiling, staring at her hands.

"We're not superior. We have been fighting for what seems like a millennium now and nobody has won. Many vampires have been destroyed, as well as demons, but this is suppose to be our territory, not theirs." He seemed to be angry, but the girl could tell he wasn't.

"Our territory? What do you mean our? Remember that I'm not supposed to be on your side. In fact, I should be taking my powers and destroying you. You're just lucky I pity you."

The vampire laughed out loud, "Pity me? You don't have the power to do that. I'm the one pitying you. You know that your band has no weapons against us vampires, and because we need your power against the demons, we agreed to pity you. Don't turn the tables around."

The girl just sighed to herself and opened the door to look outside. There wasn't much to see. Everything was dark and hardly visible. The clouds hovered over the sky like capes covering the night. "Leave, my father will be home in an hour. You must hurry. I'm sure your band of the "delightfully damned" are waiting for you some place."

The vampire laughed and slowly paced outside. He tipped his head down and looked up to stare at Caroline. She turned away to face the ground. "Don't forget me while I'm gone," the vampire taunted. Caroline looked up as if to say something, but Vincent was gone the instant before she spoke.