Overflow of God

The cool mountain air washes gently over my face while the turquoise river with its white rapid marks tumbles soothingly through its lullaby. In the centre, dividing the substance of life is a diminutive island that just peeks slightly above the rushing waters. Blossoming flowers cover the island like a piece of whole wheat bread smothered in thick raspberry jam. Kingly mountains- which closely resemble giants- sleep under the spell of the river's song and all the while are being saved from the freezing mountain breeze by blankets of fuzzy green, beige and angel white. Out of the white caps which make its home on the giant, foaming bold artic white water shoots helplessly over the jagged edges and splashed harshly down into a pool far below. As silently as a horse thief sneaking upon his victim, a deer with her young protrudes from the protective covering of the lush green tress and innocently lap at the icy water. A rustle in the background startles the deer and in an organized frenzy they take flying leaps back into the bushes. Farther along the river, it seems like a giant had broken the spell and has risen leaving nothing but a toothed cliff of rectangular prisms coloured in dusty scarlet, grey, and splotches of green. Clear and cloudless the periwinkle blue sky flaunts its fiery queen as they rule over the wild and the day together.