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She never knew who he was. Not until it was too late. Now, her family honor was in shambles, and the other mares wouldn't even speak to her. Even now, as she lay breathing heavily in the grass, she could here the taunts of them.

'You are carrying the foal of that good-for-nothing freak? That's disgusting!"

'I never thought I'd see the day when Misty, the all-mighty lead mare, would get pregnant with his foal!'

Now, not all this was hurtful. Shalimar wasn't a poorly bred horse, he just wasn't part of Misty's herd. The other mares were all expecting her to mate with Numinor, the head stallion. But Mist didn't like him, and it wasn't like she had a lot of choice at the time. But now was not the time for that, as a moment of extreme pain came passing by. Soon, there was a healthy, tiny golden foal lying next to Mist!

The tiny foal opened his large, almond-shaped eyes to reveal two identical orbs of bright blue. His short, furry mane stood sraight up on end, giving him an almost comical appearance. He looked crossed eyed at his mother, his vision soon clearing. He gave a small whicker to his mother, then attempted to stand. His first few attempts were in vain, but he was soon standing straight and tall, eating his first meal.

"Good morning, Misty!" came a great voice out of the sky. A great Eagle dropped out of the sky, onto Misty's back.

The eagle was young, probably new to flying. His sharp eyes peered at her from a white head, turned slightly to the side to get a better angle at the two horses.

"Good morning, Jarnsmid. (yarns-mid)" said Misty.

"Hey, that little gut is cute! Watcha gonna call him?" asked Jarnsmid.

"I think I'll call him... Shasta." said Misty.

"Good name." said Jarnsmid, "I'll go tell Shalimar."

"Tell him what?"

"That his heir is born, and healthy. And that it is a male, and he has a name."

"Yeah, I suppose that is significant." said Misty, as Jarnsmid took off into the cloudless blue sky, and turning toward the high mountains in the east.

He dove and rose, twisted and turned, soaring high and proud. Soon, he met with a tall, proud stallion standing on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the valley where Shasta was born. His eyes were crystal blue, and his coat was bright white. Shalimar was actually the king of all horses, but had been exiled because of an evil deed long ago that he couldn't handle.

"Misty has had her foal." said Jarnsmid, landing lightly on Shalimar's withers. The stallion seemed to stir out of a dream when he felt the claws gently grasp him for support. It didn't hurt, Shalimar just wasn't paying attention.

"What is her status?" asked Shalimar. His voice was deep, and had a note of anxiety in it.

"Both are fine, sir. The foal is a colt, and she has named him Shasta. The foal is golden, sir. A strange color for a foal, coming from two parents who are both white, don't you think?" asked Jarnsmid, good naturedly.

"I also was golden when I was young." said Shalimar, looking out over the balley once more.

"Oh. Do you think he will change when he gets older, sir?" Jarnsmid said, as he flapped his mighty wings, taking off into the sky.

"There is a chance. For now, let us go to Misty and visit her and our son!" exclaimed Shalimar, turning and racing down the back of the cliff. Soon, he was cantering, each movement fluid and smooth. Jarnsmid was racing along in the wind, flying close to Shalimar. They stopped on a knoll overlooking the place where Shasta was born. Jarnsmid banked and landed in the top of a mighty oak tree. Little did they realize that something else was watching, from the shadows of the nearby forest...


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