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Real Sex: Take Two

"I have a bad feeling about tonight." Samuel, the camera man said staring down the bar at his producer Jim.

"Me too, I miss L.A. less weirdoes." Jim sighed heavily and took a long swig of his beer.

"Well, less of the kind of weirdoes we've been running into." Samuel countered with a sigh of his own.

"We better get moving." Jim stood up slowly, stretched then looked at his crew. "Come on boys and girls, let's go set up."

A short time later they arrived at their designated corner. It only took them a few moments to set up. After everything was in its place Jim sat down in his chair and waited for people.

The crowds where thicker that night and plenty of people passed by them. Most started intently at the camera and a few made faces at it. His assistant, who had been gone sick the night before was taking over assaulting people for him. The poor kid kept getting rejected but stubbornly kept at it. They didn't have to wait too long, a couple soon agreed to be interviewed. After they signed the papers Jim jumped up and smiled at them.

"Ok, I'll just be asking you two a few questions."

The pink haired woman giggled. "Ask away."

Her boyfriend, an unusual looking young man with wild dirty blond hair blushed and looked like he wanted to sink into the pavement. He adjusted his bright green shirt that clashed with his dark blue pants covered in what looked like tiny tennis rackets.

"Do you use toys in bed?" He asked them outright.

"No but Seth has offered to lend us some!" The giggly woman said smiling. "But John here doesn't like the idea."

She pouted up at him and pinched his arm. He squirmed and blushed more. The crew groaned slightly and they looked at them puzzled.

"Does everyone in this town know Seth?" Jim said shaking his head.

"He is pretty well known." John said with a slight shrug. "The guy gets around."

"From what we've heard he sure does." Samuel chuckled, keeping his eye on the camera.

 "Thanks for answering our question." Jim sighed and sat back down.

The woman waved goodbye and the couple walked off arm and arm. Jim shook his head slowly and slumped back, letting his head hang over the edge of his chair.

"I thought this was supposed to be a big city where everyone was a stranger?"

"Apparently not." Samuel said offhandedly.

His assistant approached another couple and the night passed more normally. They got enough footage for one segment and quickly moved onto the next line of questions. The next couple they encountered was a little less normal than the last few. It was a pair of them. One was dressed in an expensive tailored suit the color of red wine, with the top few buttons undone and no tie in sight. He looked bored with his surroundings and ooze arrogance from every pour. His companion however looked far more chipper and quiet dapper in his black tight leather pants, white silk poet shirt and knee high doe skin boots.

"What's your opinion on oral sex?" Jim asked them with a mild smirk, the night was going pretty good so far and he hoped it stayed that way.

"What the hell kind of question is that?" The suit wearing man said tempestuously. "Who is going to say they dislike it?"

"Well not everyone is good at it." His companion said shaking his head sadly. "I've encountered a few who just don't seem to know what they are doing."

"That's why you dump their ass." His friend snorted.

"Well that's not very nice... What if they're a good kisser?"

"Who cares about kissing, I don't date for the romance, I do it for the sex." He sneered.

"You have no imagination Michael." The shorter poet shirt man sighed.

"Imagination!? No imagination!? I'm a fucking artist you fop! I've got imagination coming out of my ass!" The first man yell then stormed away growling.

"I have to apologize for my friend..." The remaining man said to Jim. "He's been having problems lately."

"Uh... that's fine." Jim said slowly.

The man patted his hand and followed his irate friend, calling after him. "Michael, get back here!"

Jim glanced back at his crew and raised an eyebrow. They all shrugged and didn't seem to know how to react to the bizarre situation. He sat back down and waited for Jack, his assistant to snag their next target.

A few moments later a familiar group came walking down the sidewalk. Jim looked over and raised an eyebrow. It was the group of girls from the night before and they had their giant friend with them. He quickly noticed there were more women this time and he recognized one of the new ones. It was the woman called Night. The second new one was a pretty woman with chestnut brown hair and a warm smile. The group came to a stop in front of him.

"Hello again." Night said with a playful smile.

"Nice to see you again." Jim said smiling back. He was married but he couldn't help but use his flirty smile with her.

"How's it going tonight?" The busty young woman wearing velvet asked with a smile. She seemed just as happy as the night before, and was wearing what looked like the same dress.

"We haven't run into anyone who knows that Seth character yet." He laughed.

"I'm surprised; our friends Michael and Frederique just came this way." Night said with a puzzled frown.

"They know him too? I guess he didn't come up because of the current question."

"What's the question?" The tall man asked curiously.

"It's about oral sex." Jim shrugged.

"I know him and Frederique have gotten cozy." Night said thoughtfully.

"Jesus Christ! Who hasn't had sex with that man?" Jim blurted out without thinking.

"That's easy." Bella smirked. "Who here hasn't had sex with Seth, raise your hand."

She was the only one to raise her hand. After a second she glanced over her shoulder at the big man.

"Nick... raise your hand please."

"Oh! Sorry, didn't think it applied to me." He said with a sheepish smile and raised his hand.

"He is bi." Bella said rolling her eyes.

"I'm almost tempted to do a story about him." Jim said rubbing his temple.

"He is talented." The woman in velvet giggled.

"I don't want to hear that!" Bella yelled at her.

"Oh please, like you haven't heard the results for yourself." The auburn haired woman said Bella. "He does come over a lot and our walls are not that thick."

The group began to move away, arguing the whole time. Mostly about the man called Seth.

"He is one lucky man..." Samuel said wistfully.

"Consummate man-ho." Jim observed. "Ok, lets pack up and go home we are done here. Thank God."

The End