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Ok. Let us rewind. Refresh, shall I say. Ok, where shall I start?


I was born.

And that's where EVERYTHING went wrong.

HAHA. I jest. (But not really. Seriously, if I wasn't born, do you see how much easier this would be?! I wouldn't even be here!! I'd be so much happier!!)

Seriously now. Let us start, not from the literal beginning, but the beginning, of what I call, "The Beginning Journey into HELL Involving Much Pain and Such Which was Quite Uncalled for." We shall discuss this in the third person omniscient narrative, TOTALLY UN-BIASED, not for any particular reason, but because I said so.

One day, a sixteen year old guy, who's a bit shorter than average but still lean and complete with a six-pack, with dark, red hair was going on through life, minding his own business. Dum dee dum dee dum. . . And then suddenly, like, BAM, he get's knocked in the head with a frickin' bowling ball and while he's still stumbling in pain from the large dent in his head, he gets kicked in the nuts, and basically his manliness is forever scarred, as he agonizingly screams in terror. Long story short, his own family, his own kin, pushes him out to do the dirty work, in which he did not agree to, for his own family's selfish bidding. What this poor guy has to do is to lower himself, lower than the lowest scum on earth (beating out his scum of a best friend) and transform, just POOF into. . . a Magical Guardian Transvestite!! Therefore, this pitiful soul, sorely in need of a hug (from a female. A hot, scantily clad female.), goes through a literal transformation as he is molded and taught to be. . . a girl.

And yes, after this guy, this poor, poor, selfless man goes through all of the preliminary testing, he faces the ultimate test: to manipulate the minds of the all-female society of a prestigious boarding school into believing that yes, he, HE, is just another girl, facing innumerable tasks and feats, while protecting the one he lusts. . . I mean 'loves.' Yeah. That's it. That's what I meant.

So basically, that sums it all up. And if you haven't figured it out by now, I am that HE, that HE in which does not deserve this, but instead finds drowning oneself possibly more fulfilling. If only.

Now. Let us fast forward back to the present, the chapter of my life which I had appropriately labeled, "Welcome to HELL, it Only gets Worse from Here." . . . Yeah. Where was I. . .

Ah yes. So after being saved from a potentially dangerous revelation by a scream which came from for all I know, a goddess, I followed the trail of the scream, in order to fulfill and protect my job, my destiny, my object of obsession. . . (actually, I don't obsess over her. It fit in that sentence quite nicely though. Anyway, that would be kinda pathetic, even for me. No stalker qualities here. Swear to god.) After zipping up three floors in 20 seconds flat, I skittered over to her doorway, which by the way was wide open, and bustled through.

Words automatically tumbled out of my mouth as I jerked to a stop upon entrance. "Rika!! Are you ok?!" I didn't hear her answer, because, for one, I didn't think she answered, and two, I wasn't listening. Instead I was merely staring in shock at what had happened. "Holy shit," I said to myself. Not that it was that shocking, to say the least. I mean, nobody here was lying in a pool of blood or, no crazed psycho with a gun was standing here pointing at Rika in point-blank range. Although, truthfully that would've been a whole lot easier for me, because I'm more trained for that situation if you know what I mean. And this entire dress-up thing could be quickly annihilated, I could profess my love for the blue haired chick and we could live happily ever after.

But no. In a good way, somehow. After all, nobody was hurt, Rika was in terrible need of a hug (and look who's the only one around to give her one. . . ME!! ME!! MEEEEE!!!!!) and you couldn't even read the red paint/ketchup/whatever the hell that stuff was that was dripping across the wall. Stuff was strewn all across the room, the sheets were ripped, pieces of stuffing from pillows and various stuffed animals littered the floor, and it looked like everything was turned inside out and kicked around. In other words, someone just totally ransacked this room. Shit.

"Oh no. . . " muttered Rika, wide eyed and still in the state of shock.

"OMIGOD WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!" Emi came in running, and stopped short at the sight of the room.

I stepped over to Rika. "You think anything's missing?" I asked quietly as I slowly put my arm around her.

"Should we call the police or something?" Emi's voice rang suddenly. I glanced back at her and saw her large, light brown eyes filled with worry.

"NO!" Rika suddenly jerked from my arm and whipped around to face Emi. "Don't call the cops!! It's nothing, really. We'll keep this to ourselves. . ."

Emi looked at her and tilted her head. "Why. . . ? I mean, like, shouldn't we?"

Rika shook her head firmly. "Please Emi, just don't. . . I don't want everyone to know. . ."

Standing still for a moment, as if she had the ability to contemplate this over, Emi finally nodded slowly. "Ok," she said, "ok."

Then Rika whipped around and stared straight into my eyes. Of course, being wrapped up while watching and analyzing each girls movement (and maybe more than that.), she caught me off guard like a deer in headlights. "Um yeah," I stammered. But why? I mean, it's hella easier for me because I can't stand cops (a bit of history between us. . .) and them getting involved is not good, but I would think that a girl like Rika would want cops to come and check the whole thing out. . . Unless. . . I dunno. . .

"Promise?" she said to the both of us. Once again, Emi and I both agreed.

And that's when my job finally dawned back to me, and I had to quickly devise a way to get both of Rika and Emi out of the room for a little bit before they could touch anything. Just for like, 5 seconds.

"Why don't you take Rika downstairs to the common room and make her some tea or something?" I asked Emi. "Then after we calmed down we could clean up. . ." I added quickly.

She nodded, and gently too Rika's arm and led her to the stairs.

"What about you?" Rika asked. Ouch. Almost caught me there. Actually, yeah she did catch me. Dammit.

"I'll uh, be right with you, I'll make sure nobody else on this floor saw this. . ." Wow what a weak excuse. Dude I suck at this now, what the hell. . .

She smiled weakly at me and nodded, and both she and Emi descended towards the stairs. As soon as I saw that they were gone, I jetted back to my room, grabbed the camera supplied to me for reasons such as this, and then ran back to Rika's. Time for some evidence. . .

Oh. Shit. If there's someone actively trying to threaten or harm our Rika here. . . That means that this is an actual JOB for me. Not that it wasn't before, but. . . I'm guessing that the "Girl who just wants attention from daddy" assumption was totally wrong. Which means that this whole thing isn't a hoax, and that it's real. . . Well duh. (Insert eye-rolling here). But this brings it up one whole level. No more slacking around, and just following her around. I gotta make sure NOTHING happens to her, for both our welfare. Meaning I have to gain some sort of voice over here and make sure I got tabs on everything.

Translation: I'm stuck. As a girl. Until this whole spiel is solved. And I have to do stuff. And everything from this point on, is different. All is suspect. GODFREAKINDAMMIT. I have to DO stuff?!

I was so hoping that this whole thing was a cry for attention, even though Rika didn't seem like the selfish type that would do something like that, just so Lucky the girl could finally die already, and I could live my life normally. Well, as normal as I lived before. . .

Besides that, I don't think my legs could take this razor burn anymore.

I sighed as I dropped my camera off back in my room and to make sure Rika's door was closed. I started my way down the stairs.

Whoa. Wait a damn minute here. . . Before I came running into the building. . . I was outside. . . Correct? And outside, Yukara, that blond bitch. . . she was with me!! The entire time!! But was she with me when I was going up the stairs? Yeah, I know she's probably slow as a drunken cow with 3 legs, but even during our secret agreement, even she would've gotten here by now. . . So where the hell is she? Did she even try seeing why Rika screamed in the first place?

HMMMM. . .

Bitch, you have no idea how suspicious you look right about now. . .

Heh heh. . .


Yeah this chap's really short. Yeah, once again, sorry for taking this long, and future apologies b/c chances are the next chap ain't comin out ne time soon. And yeah, this chapter has had no revision in it, so it might not make any sense either b/c I did this really fast. But I'll fix that. Later. Oh yeah, character pics can be found on my website. ^_________^ OH YEAH: also like to apologize for the lack of funniness too, I'm really sorry, just haven't been feeling really 'funny' lately, and actually the rest of the story might take this turn too. . . sigh.

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