Maybe this time it would work. Maybe this time I wouldn't be stopped. Maybe...

I stood on the tower, looking down at the scene below. People were walking, oblivious to what was happening above them. Cars drove slowly down the street, worried only about their destination. They went on with their perfect lives, not caring about anything else.

I envied them.

I glanced up, my breath taken away by the colors in front of me. Scarlet, crimson, vermilion, gold, violet, rose... it was beautiful. I had never seen a sunset like that before. It was almost enough to make me change my mind.


I gazed down again. The ground was far way, the large cracks in the sidewalk barely visible. Towers in New York were tall. How far was it to the ground? A thousand feet? More? I'd soon find out.

Glancing around one last time, I held my breath in preparation for what I was about to do. The people around me had no idea what was going on. To them, I was just another teenager, gripping the railing too hard, afraid of heights. They had no idea.

A breeze fluttered through the air, wrapping my hair around my face, blocking my vision. Distracted, I shook the strand out of my eyes, squinting into the fading light. I knew I couldn't wait a minute longer. It had to be now.

Or never.

I closed my eyes, shifting my weight. The man next to me shot a look at me, ready to tell me to get out of the way.

He never had the chance.

Letting go of the railing with one hand, I bent my knees and pushed off the ground. Swinging over the railing, I completely let go of the bar in midair. My eyes flew open, taking in the expressions on everyone's face. The man, watching me as I jumped, let out a short gasp, his eyes wide. I kept his face in my mind, the look of shock imprinted in my head. Windows flew by, mirroring my descent. I fell faster and faster, the ground flying up to meet me.

There was no way I would survive this.

I could hear people screaming above me, the sounds getting farther away. I twisted in the air, and the screaming was behind me, softer and softer until it was gone. The air rushed in my ears, my head pounded, my eyes forced open. Now I could see the cracks in the sidewalk clearly. I thought of those people, watching me now, who would go on with their lives tomorrow, with me far from their thoughts. If for a split second they cared, it wouldn't last long. They were all the same, and they would never change.

My thoughts turned to my family - my father, the mother I never knew, my brother off in college. Would they care? I doubted it. Maybe for a split second longer than the people in the street, but not for long. It wasn't in them to worry about me.

The ground flew closer. Images flew through my mind, all the people who had never tried to be my friend, all the people who had never tried to help. They didn't care. I'd get their attention for a day, then be gone, lost forever. I wasn't important enough to last longer.

The sidewalk was close, so close. It would be over in a second. Did I regret anything? Did I leave anything behind? Did I...

I closed my eyes and...