The light at the end of the tunnel's

Probably an oncomin' train

The cloud with a silver lining

Means there's probably gonna be rain

I'm never disappointed

I never come in first

Everything's overrated

Yep, this is the worst

I always get the red light

Whenever I'm running late

I got ten thousand hundred bowls

When all I really need is a plate

I'm never disappointed

I swear I must be cursed

Life is outdated

Yep, this is the worst

The glass is half empty

And I need another cup

Every day I regret it

Why do I bother getting up?

I'm never disappointed

My bubble's already burst

Life's just a bitch

Yep, this is the worst

So I look twice

Before crossing a one way street

Humanity's out to get me

Every single person I meet

I'm never disappointed

The worst always comes to the worst

Fate must really hate me

Yep, my life is cursed