Circle of Dreamers
We're scared
We're prying
We're bared
We're trying
We're lonely, we're happy
We'll never let go

We're set
We're decided
We fret
We're divided
We're together, we're separate
Fighting for what we know

It may appear that we're crazy
You're only crazy if you never try
There's no way to say that we are lazy
Ever reaching, ever searching for the sky

We are the circle of dreamers
Surging ever forward to accomplish, to achieve
Don't get left behind, keep your passion
You are what you believe

We breathe
We're reaching
We seethe
We're teaching
We're laughing, we're screaming
Each on his own way

We chase
We're believing
We race
We're achieving
We're nothing, we're everything
Waiting for our own day

It may appear we'll never get there
Maybe not, I hope I will
Our eyes and hearts forever set there
Upon the zenith of the hill

Don't get left behind, keep your devotion
You are what you conceive
We are what we believe
You are what you