Escaping the Abyss

Swiftly, we fly away
Falling through the night
No sign of happiness
To bring us to the light
We lift our faces to hear
The songs we know so well
The songs our hearts would sing to us
Before we fell…

We're falling through a darkness that
We'll never understand
We never know when love will finally give us a hand
Each and every one of us
Will fall through the abyss
Never knowing when our hearts will find a way out of this…

My eyes are shut
I cannot see
Yet clearly is my vision
A war of brothers
Born to be
A last-minute decision
I know that I must learn to dance
With ancient harmony
I'm spinning in a blinding trance
That'll never set me free

The blackness twirls around me
As I try to find the day
The night around me whispers
That it is here to stay
Too weak to argue with that voice,
I try with all my might
Against the closing sorrow
I know that I must fight

I reach to find a thread of joy
It twists around my finger
I feel the night succumb to me
But grief and sadness linger
I wrap my arms around the joy
And tug with all my strength
And feel the light flood to my heart
And increase in length

I gently take the folds of light
And hold onto them tight
As I prepare once and for all
To battle the night
I reach into my heart and bring the love I knew times past
And with a mighty slam the night is gone at last

The pearls of joy and memory
Now shine in shades of gold
Warmth of love flows into me
Where I once was cold
The light holds me firmly
As I escape the black
Silently promising
I never must go back

I turn my face to darkness to send one final glance
As a million jewels of laughter come to teach me how to dance
I reach my hand into the chasm
To free a drop of day
To show the spinners in the dark
That dawn's not far away…

I turn back to the joy,
And join the twinkling bliss
Knowing I can now forget the whirling black abyss
Never again I must suffer
The stabbing, foggy pains
For now the light of purity
Flows through my very veins