Little Heart

Today used to be a gift
But now it's just a bore
You wonder, whatever caused this shift
In what you're looking for
The whole world around you
Used to be so beautiful…
Now guilt laces all you do
And you don't love the world at all

So never fear
Little heart
Strength will appear
Little heart
Put your guilt and your regret
Back on the shelf
For before you can forgive the world
You must forgive yourself…

Then came that horrible day
Not a minute too late
When you saw that in every way
You'd become the very person you hate
You emptied your little heart
Of everything
And ripped apart
You forgot how to sing

Oh, don't sigh
I'm here, little heart
Oh, don't try
To analyze who you are
Oh, don't lie
In the ocean of your pain
Oh, don't cry
Every time there might be rain…

Oh, little heart
You have to learn to forgive
Oh, little heart
How else can you live?
Oh, little heart
Forgive yourself…
And know that I've forgiven you…

Oh, yourself
Little heart
Forgive yourself…
The strength will come one day
I'll always love you
Little heart