It falls
Like a thousand blessings from the sky
Its silent singing
Gives me the strength to try
How long have we been waiting
For the rain to come at last
To wash away the dry,
Parched sadness of the past…

My palms outstretched to the sky
My cracking heart no longer dry
Each drop like a kiss
On my windowpane
I never knew how much I'd miss
The rain

I've never known this kind of joy
In watching droplets fall
The sweet spray of life itself
Splashing on my wall
My heart sings harmony
To the patter
The wealth of life overflowing
In this dazzling scatter


The world around us crumbling
For a moment, let's just step outside
The rich smell of damp earth
Where the hope lay all dried
Let us dance in the beauty,
Can't we just forget
The everlasting concern
Of getting wet?

I never knew how much I'd miss
Each droplet on my palm, a kiss
From heaven, on my windowpane
I never knew I'd miss the rain