On a dark, rainy day, the fisherman went about his daily routine, looking for a worm to put on his hook. He dug through the dirt and grime and pulled out the biggest, most delicious-looking juicy worm that he could find. Then the clever fisherman attatched it to the hook, and cast it in the water, hoping to fool a big, fat, juicy fish. A fish named Fish saw that juicy delicious worm and immediately started to devour it, not being cautious or thinking about the consequences of his actions. But it was so enticing that all he could think about was how delicious it was going to taste. Then, before he even realized what was happening, he got hooked. The fisherman quickly started reeling him in. Fish knew that his starving enemy was on the other end of the line, just waiting to have him for lunch. Fish struggled with all his might to free himself from the man waiting for him above the water It was a long, hard, and strenuous process trying to break free, but finally, he pulled himself just hard enough that the hook was torn from his mouth, ripping his flesh, as a result- and he breaks free. Fish quickly swims off, getting as far away from danger as possible. However, he still feels ashamed of the stupidity of his actions and he is left with a painful gash in his mouth. But after time, the gaping hole in his mouth eventually heals, but he is left with a permanent scar to constantly remind him of it his foolishness. His scar will never completely go away.

Fish is a lot like some of us who get lured in by the things of the world. At the time, what we're doing seems so enjoyable. However, we know that at a later time, our choice may result in pain and grief, and it's not worth it in the end. But we do it anyway, because we feel that it's what we want 'right now.' So we just figure: 'Buy Now, Pay Later.' Like Fish, before we even realize it, we've gone too far. We know Satan is sitting on the other end of the line, laughing at us, just waiting to reel us in. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to break free from the consequences of their choices, like Fish did. Some of us are hooked so tightly that we cannot free ourselves from it. For those of us that are fortunate enough to escape, there's still a long grieving and healing process that follows. Once our wounds have finally healed, we are relieved of the pain we feel, but we're still left with a scar of guilt to remind us our wrong choices. That scar of guilt is what reminds us that it's something we'd never want to have to go through again. It prevents us from making that bad decision again.