Authors note: - I was right! Posting this did make me finish it faster! Weeeeeeeeee! Oh yeah, this is the next short story in my series of first person perspective featuring one of my characters. This time it stars Donovan, the narcissistic, megalomaniac vampire.

Wanted: Scuba Diver

Two years ago I'd moved to New York after having a fall out with my parents. An old friend from UM offered to give me a place to crash till I got back on my feet. Since then I'd been working odd jobs constantly and was barely able to cover my half of the rent. New York is far too expensive. I missed the sun and waves, let alone the fact it never snowed down there.

I was getting sick of my latest gig, working as a burger flipper isn't exactly my dream job. So I picked up the paper and flipped through the want ads. After an hour of crossing out plenty of jobs that either called for experience I didn't have or just plain didn't work for me something caught my eye. At first I wasn't sure what to think of it. It was a simple little ad with a two quick lines and a phone number. It said 'Wanted: Scuba Diver, exp necessary'.

For a while I sat there thinking it over. I was more than an experienced scuba diver; I was damned good at it. Growing up on the beach and having a dad whose business was taking tourists below the waves defiantly qualified me as experienced. I shrugged and picked up the phone, the worse that could happen was I wouldn't get a job. So it was at least worth a try.

After three rings a cheerful sounding woman picked up. "Hello, Drake residence how might I be of assistance?"

I sat in puzzled silence before blurting out. "Uh yeah, I am calling about the ad in the paper… the one for a scuba diver?"

"Excellent! Do you have the necessary experience sir?" She said in her every so chipper voice.

"Yes, though it's been two years since I've last dived." I kicked my self for saying that. It wouldn't exactly help me get the job.

"Excellent!" She said again. "Now we'll need to interview you for the job. Do you have a pen and paper handy?"

I fumbled around the couch till I found a pad of sticky notes and a pen. "Yes, yes I do."

She then proceeded to give me long drawn out directions that filled about five sticky pads, and then she asked me to recite them back to her. Once the long process was over she said. "If it's not too inconvenient you can come right on down, I'm sure the boss will be able to meet with you."

"Yeah, sure that sounds great. I'll be right over." I said smiling, honestly I didn't expect to be interview so soon but who am I to complain?

"See you soon sir! Bye bye!" She chirped at me and hung up.

I stared at the phone for a moment and sat it back onto the cradle. "I need to get dressed!"

*                      *                      *