I climbed out of the tank and realized I wasn't alone. Glancing to my right I found my boss watching me. He smiled pleasantly and seemed to be holding something behind him.

"Hey Don, what's up?" I asked casually as I undressed.

He walked over to me and held out a present. "I heard it was your daughters fifth birthday, so I took the liberty of purchasing her something."

I couldn't help but laugh, knowing Donovan it was exactly what she wanted. "Thanks, I'll make sure to give it to her at her party tomorrow. Pity you can't come."

"Yes well, that whole nasty daylight issue does cut into my social life." He chuckled softly. "By the way, how has your wife been?"

"Well, after that little scare she'd doing pretty good." I took the silver wrapped package and walked towards my street clothes.

"What happened?" He asked, following me.

"Turns out it was just really bad gas." We both laughed and I went on. "The doctor told her to calm down and if she keeps stressing out like this it could make her already difficult pregnancy worse."

"I hope all goes well." He said his voice full of true concern. "You know that offer for a mid-wife still stands."

"I know, I know, it's just my wife would be uncomfortable with having someone around fussing over her." I shrugged and pulled on my shirt and zipped up my jeans. "Even though the doc says to keep off her feet as much as possible she just can't stand doing nothing all day. I swear, she tried to be Wonder Woman or something."

"Tell her I sent my blessings." Donovan said to my back as I descended the stairs into his office.

"I will Don, and thanks for the present I'm sure Jen will love it. She has yet to hate anything you've given her." I chuckled and heard him follow me down.

"I am a careful gift giver." He said in his defense.

"Having my daughter stalked doesn't count as a careful gift giver Don, it counts as insane." I shook my head and waved over my shoulder. "Night boss, see you Wednesday."

"Drive safe." He said as I left the room.

It was strange to think that just a few short years ago I didn't know what he was. Now it was perfectly normal to me that he's a vampire. It would be hard for me to be too judgmental considering I ended up marrying a were-panther. There was the risk that my kids could be just like her but I didn't mind, I'd learn to love the monsters. In many ways I envied them, Donovan was immortal and never had to worry about the little things that plagued my human life. Not to mention the fact that my wife could arm wrestle me to the ground with no effort. I don't think I'd stop working for the blood-sucker till I couldn't dive anymore. Hell, I'll probably be like Jacques Cousteau and dive till I'm dead. I'll never regret answering that want ad, if I hadn't I never would have the lift I do now.