A/N: I wrote this in English, when I was supposed to be listening about how to do an analytical essay. I showed it to my friends after; and they smacked me upside the head. "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you depressed or something?" No, it's not about me. It's about the guy that sits in the corner of my English class. You know, the guy that no one notices. Every grade has one. Well today I did notice him, and I realised that I don't even know his name.


I am the one in the back of the class,

The one you don't notice, when you walk past.

You don't see me when I shrink to the wall,

From your point of view, I'm not there at all.

I sit by myself at a table for one,

While all around me, others have fun.

Someone will bump me, and spill stuff on my shirt,

But instead of apologizing, they'll look at me like I am dirt.

I don't like sport, or music or art,

Come to think of it really, I'm not all that smart.

But because I'm just average, people ignore me,

They'll look around me, or over me, as if I'm a tree.

I'm just another face in the crowd,

I watch as the footballers, strut around proud.

People will wave to the person over my shoulder,

Not to that guy, with the red folder.

There will be nothing about me in the yearbook,

No witty comments, nothing about what classes I took.

Would you notice if I wasn't there anymore?

If one day I just left, just walked out the door?

Would you miss that guy, with the red folder?

The one who may as well be a boulder?

Who wants to live, a life like this,

Being the kind of person, that no one would miss.

One day, you might remember me,

When I'm buried, under that tree.

I can't take this life, it's dragging me down,

Living in this hole, in this shit little town.

Will you come to my funeral? Cry at my grave?

Or will you just carry on, 'oh yeah, wasn't his name Dave?'

I'm glad that you'll never know, what's it's like to be me,

The one who is dead, buried under that tree.

But you won't be looking over anyone's shoulder,

And be expecting to see, that guy with the red folder.