Cloud Nine
© Black Tangled Heart

As I tumble from the azure clouds I fall with shimmering dust

On my palms, whispering your name and hearing the wind laugh

As it lifts my curls and stings my cheeks a sudden crimson

Your arms become my cradle and I curl into your warmth,

Pressing my face against your chest, surrounding myself with the intoxication

That is you.

You touch my iridescent face and bestow kisses upon my mouth

Tempting the child inside my soul to burst forth in the form of pure laughter

And playful caress.

Skyward we climb, showered in golden glitter and effervescent mirth

A picturesque portrait of love

If only I didn't live inside a tempest of pain, a shadow of doubt

Maybe freedom could be possible

And my wings could be mended, to fly again