May Spirits be blessed for giving us this land, Guided by their eyes and shaped by their hand. Whose walls stand tall and proud 'gainst the sun, And remain standing until the battle is won.

Oh, Lordaeron, the mighty, the pristine and true! Your majesty only equaled by the heavens so blue! Your people stand proud in awe of your glory, Children flock to the square to hear tales of your story.

Your castle stands tall, proud amidst the rest, But what to expect from the city called the best? With golden waves of grain and green rolling fields, Lordaeron, O Lordaeron, oh, how my heart yields!

The Spirits shine upon you, their boon to mankind, In you our greatness is stamped, sealed and signed. You have too many wonders to behold and to see, Lordaeron, oh, Lordaeron, oh, how I love thee!