One Minute


It's good so good

The cloud's rising

Lifting my eyes

Drop the herb

Mouth's a blurb

Ten seconds

I start getting weak

Start seeing eyes as teats

So good

Leaving myself this instant

Twenty seconds start to heat up

Maybe something happened that wasn't

Supposed to occur

I'm supposed to wake up now, I'm still blurry

Faded and jaded with the effects

Thirty seconds, half a minute

I'm starting to fade

I thought this was supposed to happen

To people five times my age

My whole body's down the drain

Forty seconds

Pain, sharp pain, sharp

All I see is white, white, fading into green

Why does life have to be this mean

Slumped over something I don't know

Fifty seconds

I'm losing it

The whole place goes up

Poof mouth all jumbled

I think connection to my brain just snapped

Time seems stopped at fifty-nine

I may be still alive but I'm clinging onto time

Resuscitating, investigating, debating

Drool hanging out my chin, the green shit's on the floor

My brain's losing it, kicking it again, what a fool, it all stops now

Sixty seconds

Too late now

It's all over, the show's over

The gig's up, better get back home now

Problem is I don't got a home anymore, no life no more just cause of sixty seconds

Of what turned out to be the foggiest, stupidest, whacked out, worst moments

Of my goddamned dead-end worthless life

Was it worthless hanging out

All I can say is that everything's lost in Hell, and I'd give up all my smack to stay back

Back in reality I'd love to have it all back

But the only consolation that I have is that what I had, what I did, the mistakes I made, the horror

Gets taken all the way down to Hell

And goes down with me!