Everything Stops


Seems like when the trauma is coming

Petals of roses flutter mindlessly

Skies of crimson, as if the heavens bled

The rain in sheets, acid

Everything goes so slow

Like someone lifted the cat

Off his humbled perch

And halted the cogs of time

Everything happens so slow

Like time never ticks away

Like time is relative

They say a week, it's a month

It takes so long

To be spit on, teased, taunted

Maimed, hurt, raped, beaten

Destroyed, murdered, mutilated, thrown into the clutches of death

Or maybe you did it yourself, maybe you

Stepped over the edge, bet I know how those puncture wounds were made

Then you get beat by some stuck-up words, and then suddenly

People are rutting on you, blaming you, criticizing you, saying how they are so ashamed of you

And then, like talk smack, talk back

Like the sky of crimson

Blood oozes from your soul

And you decide to end it a second time, your hand

Slowly takes hours to reach, and then so gracefully the peaceful finish

But always, the roses of time

Show you the wonderful end

In a fleeting moments time, that is always too short