Song of a Blossom

As the wind blossom floats to the now safe ground

where the grass had once withered away,

it sings it's song of a new life found

in it's delecate flowery way.

It's music is that of a butterfly's wings

drifting and diving on air;

the melody sweet, it's soft petals sing

of the grasses that cushion it there.

For what once was barren has now brought new life.

the flower can think of no wrong:

to friendship from caution, to joy from the strife;

the praise to hear now is the song.

A delecate petal won't seem like much now,

but as over the grasses it falls,

you can see it is spreading its seed to endow

More music to give to us all.

The magic of summer, the sweet smell of grass

Outside with the flora and faun;

The flower may fade out, they never do last,

But the music will never be gone.