A Prayer For Sakura

Oh Lord, our God, tonight I ask
For one thing on my mind -
For healing and hope to enter into
The heart of a friend of mine.

Although we've not met face to face,
Nor looked in each other's eyes,
The word which came that she is suffering
Has quickly blackened my skies.

More than a friend she has been to me,
Much more than I could dream.
And now, to see her in this state
Brings sadness like a stream.

Trial and heartache have plagued my friend,
How long, I do not know,
But now, oh God, I pray relief
Unto her You will show.

Though weak of heart, her soul is strong -
Of this I do not doubt.
I pray, our Father, cleanse her body,
And drive this demon out.

Father above, Your healing hand
Can cast aside all pain.
Place it now upon her heart,
That she be well again.