"May the great wings of the dragon hold mercy on the souls of the people of the great Empire of Kell. For if they never see the light of day again... may they be carried of into paradise." The knight recited as he slowly rose to his feet. He held his eyes gracefully shut as he beheld his moment of silence. The priest stood watchfully behind him, also reciting a solemn prayer. The storm continued to howl outside in the gloom of night. The sounds of thunder echoed loudly throughout the corridors of the small chapel. A flash outside the window startled the priest as he slowly reached to touch the knight's shoulder. " Sir Sean... I think the enemy will soon approach in great numbers. Are your men ready at arms?" The priest managed to sputter. Sean slowly laid a hand on the hilt of his long sword. His other hand managed to seize the handle of the sliver shield he had laid next to him. He turned his head around to face the worried priest. He smiled at the elderly man as he rose. He unsheathed the silver blade and looked swiftly around the room before responding. " Yes Ivan, the men are ready. All we have to wait for is the enemy to arrive." The priest gave a hesitant look at the young warrior. " Sir Sean... why must the battle be fought here? Couldn't you have diverted the Dark Lords men to another area?" Sean ran his fingers through his long, dark hair as he took a very deep breath. He could not bare to answer the priest. He didn't think of the church when he diverted what was left of his men. Ivan slowly awaited an answer that the young warrior could not give. Sean withdrew a small Kelltish dagger from his belt and handed it to Ivan. " Here... take this dagger. I apologize for getting the church into this ordeal. Protect yourself if need be." The priest nodded in agreement. A flash of light directly by the window alerted both of them. " That was no normal lighting blast... that was of magical origin." Said Ivan. Sean swiftly ran over to the window and peered out into the black nothingness. " Oh SHIT!!" he exclaimed, "They are here. Ten knights, four wizards, two clerics and possibly one sorcerer of the dark arts. I didn't think they could arrive here so fast." He checked his Elvin armor for dents and sprinted over to where Ivan stood. He grabbed his shoulders. " Ivan! Please protect yourself." Ivan silently nodded again. " God be with you." " And with you." he replied. With that said Sean slid open the large door and stepped into the storm. After he shut the door behind him Ivan was once again alone as the rain continued to make a soothing pitter patter on the cobble steps out front. Holding the dagger close to his own chest the huddled over into the corner and prayed that Sean would be ok.